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8 Reasons Why Airports Are The Actual Worst

if you've ever had the pleasure of traveling via plane you can probably relate to at least one of these.

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1. crying babies


As I'm writing this I'm currently surrounded by tiny humans who are either crying screaming or squeaking. normally I can handle crying babies but I guess in airports I draw the line and feel personally attacked by the crying child because I can't here John snows plans to lead the north to victory.

2. people who have never heard of headphones


I fee like headphones have been around for a long enough chunk of time that it should be common knowledge to bring them with you to an airport if you want listen to music or watch videos. But according to the woman next to me EVERYONE needs to hear the same 10 second Spanish clip over and over. I do not need to here your music, you Childs show or the videos you watch on Facebook. seriously headphones are 5 dollars and the sell them in the airport incase you forget yours!

3. airport staff


apparently a qualification to work at any airline is to hate your job and treat your customers like shit. Countless times I've gotten attitudes and eye rolls from airport employees. and I try to be fair and give people the benefit of the doubt and understand if its a bad day, however this is your job and if you are miserable Please look into another job. My favorite is when I ask a simple question and I get an eye roll and talked down to, like I'm sorry this is not MY job and I don't know something you have been trained in.

4. Delays


as much "fun" as an airport, getting a delay notification is painful. You get stuck in close quarters with strangers for even longer! Getting a delay on a lay over is even worse cause you literally can't leave, your trapped with obnoxious people who don't know what headphones are. Everyones searching for a outlet and you end up spending way too much money on over priced mediocre airport food.

5. bathrooms


I don't know how some of y'all were raised, but the condition some of you leave bathrooms is revolting. Pee on seats, trash everywhere and how are you a grown human and NOT know how to flush a toilet????? Theres a handle for a reason people! and you don't even need to flush sometimes because some have a sensor, but apparently thats to complicated for some.

6. phone calls


for some reason people can only yell on phones in an airport. I don't need you screaming into you iPhone right in my ear for the hour wait for the plane. and there is a special place in hell for people who speak on speaking phone in public!!!!! Nothing is more obnoxious or annoying that hearing your personal conversation on full blast.



nothing is worse than a screaming child at a gate. You're already tired, want to go home and temper is short, add a screaming child and your worst nightmare. And while we all want to scream out of frustration, however please control your child to make this experience a little less painful

8. people who don't know what they're doing


People who take forever in TSA, people who walk 5 miles an hour, people who take up multiple seats, people who don't follow simple airline rules. No one wants to be here but people like this make it 10 times more difficult than it needs to be. please educate yourself not only for you but for everyone who's around you.

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