13 Things I Almost Did While Waiting To Find Out If I Landed A Job At BuzzFeed

Instead, I just made this list.

1. Subtly remind everyone I interviewed with of my existence


2. Post cool stuff on social media in case anyone from BuzzFeed happened to be looking

Yes, I’m just as suave IRL.

3. Just, you know, casually stop by the office

I was in the neighborhood.

4. Let BuzzFeed know that I’m over it and really not that desperate

Via tu.tv

That’s right, I’m playing it cool.

5. …But I really am that desperate.

6. Shamelessly beg BuzzFeed

Pride is overrated.

7. Obsess over the stupid answer I gave to one of the interview questions

Come on, you’re better than that.

8. Find ways to distract myself from constantly thinking about the interview

This could work.

9. Try to look for validation elsewhere

I get it where I can.

10. Nervously (triple) check that I sent “Thank You” emails to the correct email addresses

I did. At least I think I did. I’ve checked. Just… BRB.

11. Apply to PlayBuzz

Just kidding. I’m not an animal.

12. Send crystal awards to everyone I interviewed with

…and if you hire me I will probably be able to do a better job with personalizing them.

13. Go for the emotional appeal

Just imagine Jewel is playing in the background and let the tears flow.

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