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Hannah Bennett

Feb 2021
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    Hannah Bennett commented on Dentists And Oral Hygienists: What Are Your Wildest Secrets And Stories?

    Dental hygienist here. I’ve noticed that once we re-opened during the pandemic, across the board people are grinding their teeth more and struggling with oral hygiene. I’ve had to tell so many patients that I’m not judging them for “slacking” (their words, not mine). We’re all in… 

    2 months ago

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  • Hannah  Bennett's avatar

    Hannah Bennett commented on What's Something No One Warned You About Before You Got A Puppy That You Learned All On Your Own?

    I had my last dog for 16 years, and I knew everything about him; we’d lock eyes and I just “knew”. No one told me that I’d have to get to know my new puppy’s personality! What does she like/hate? What is her motivation behind doing this/that? How does she show love/dislike? What can… 

    3 months ago

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