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17 Tweets You'll Understand If You Took The PSAT

To all the teenagers risking their PSAT score cancellation

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1. When you literally don't know anything

2. When life as a toadfish was hard

3. When you discovered the fastest reader alive

4. One of the greatest confusions in the English language

5. Just the whole reading section messing with your mind

6. When it felt like the literal end of the world if you weren't done

7. When we all breached a confidential contract for memes

8. Like, an actual contract, with the possibility of getting scores cancelled, for some random photographer

9. Writing was hard without even actually writing

10. But, in all ends, they can't cancel ALL the scores of ALL the sophomores and juniors in the nation...right?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see then...
Via Twitter: @alwaysalaa

I guess we'll just have to wait and see then...

11. To be fair, they did roast a character in one of their essays so we were bound to make this one

12. We learned how REAL bagels are made

13. Train announcing will be the job of our generation

14. Learning that sponge(bob)s dominate the coral reefs

15. When every girl realized she wanted a Kodak to become Don Juan Riberto's apprentice

livin the dream
Via Twitter: @asymptote__

livin the dream

16. You can't really blame us, College Board; this happens every year

17. No matter how many times you warn us, we won't care if it's for funny memes

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