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15 Reasons Why Hannah Is The Best Choice For President

Because when it's on Buzzfeed, it's official.

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2. Assemblies will be entertaining and more organized.


In the event that I become President, I will better organize assemblies to fill up the entire period and hold your attention throughout, so there will be no slumping back over to advisory for the remaining time.

3. I have practically lived at VHS for eleven years.

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Over my eleven years of attending this school, I've spent about as much time at VHS as I have my own house. I love our school, and will do all that I can to improve on the foundation it already has.

4. No one really knows what Student Government does or accomplishes. I'll change that.


I will make sure that the student body receives updates on Student Government's projects, strides, and accomplishments. I promise, we are useful.

5. I am oh so ready to move past the awkward split between boarders and day students.

Boarders experience life in the States and see our way of life here, but overall, day students don't really know very much about residential life. To change this, I will establish back-to-school events, meet and greets, and many other events to unify residential and day students.

8. I will establish a suggestion box (one physical, and one on the web), so that I can receive your input.


I want to hear what you have to say. Student Government is not about me. It is about myself and the other Student Government members serving and representing you.

9. I work unbelievably hard.

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I am ready to work hard to create a better high school experience for each student. I am passionate about our school, and I am always willing to put in work, time, and energy so that our school can be the best it can be.

10. Freshmen are a big deal to me.

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That's why I want their entrance into high school to be much more welcoming and exciting than it currently is. A non-hazing FISH week and uniting the freshmen and seniors are two things I would like to establish during my presidency.

12. It's not just about planning events. It's the execution of them.

When I plan an event, I carry out and execute it properly. My ideas are made into a reality, my dreams come to life. I step up to the plate and achieve my goals.

13. I made an election rap.

View this video on YouTube

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Watch the video and view the lyrics here.

14. I relate to a large range of the student body.

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With close friends in every grade of the high school, I know what students want to see and participate in. When I plan a school happening, I keep in mind the needs and wants of the entire high school.

15. I am currently a Junior Class Representative.

During my time as a Representative, I have changed the location and schedule of the current juniors' senior trip (with the help of Sophie). I have had conversations with Mr. Keen about a more useful and effective advisory time. On top of that, I created a suggestion webpage for the junior class that is regularly used.

When in office, I do as much as I can to accomplish my goals.

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