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    23 Satisfying Moments That Happen In Every Skincare Lover's Life

    Nothing says "I'm ready for life" like a good top-shelf.

    1. When you can finally remove all your makeup with a cleansing balm/oil.

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    2. When you're about to start the rest of your night-time skincare routine, which is honestly the best part of the night.

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    3. When you've finally curated your own top-shelf with fail-safe products you truly love.

    4. And when you admire your post-routine glow.

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    5. When you spritz your skin with a refreshing and hydrating facial mist.

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    6. When your delivery arrives, after much anticipation.

    7. When you get excited over your new products and their shiny packaging, because it means more products to work with.

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    8. When you can't wait to try out your new products - but just have to appreciate how fresh and untouched they are.

    9. When you watch someone else's skincare routine for inspiration.

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    10. When you have enough sheet masks to create your own sheet mask wardrobe.

    11. When you can finally remove your face mask, after waiting 20 minutes doing pretty much nothing else.

    12. When you wake up the next day with super soft skin, thanks to your many skin treatments.

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    13. When you find the perfect product that fits right into your existing routine.

    One of the best feelings in the world is finding the perfect skincare / makeup/ hair product for something after you've been looking for so long 🀩🀩🀩

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    14. When you find a product that doesn't irritate your sensitive skin.

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    15. When you finally use up all your product, after many, many months of use.

    16. When a raved-about product is FINALLY available in your country, meaning you can test it out for yourself.

    this glorious moment when your fav skincare brand is finally available in a german store πŸ™πŸ»

    Twitter @__MrsMonroe / Via Twitter: @___MrsMonroe

    17. When you use a product that not only works great for your skin but also has a really nice texture.

    18. When you start to see the results you were hoping for after sticking to a routine for a few weeks.

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    19. When you get compliments on your skin.

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    20. When you give yourself a relaxing facial massage after a long day.

    21. When you use pore-clearing products, which are weird but so satisfying.

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    22. When you use an eye gel under your eyes, after its been in the fridge overnight.

    @EmileeGlendiggy i bought a gel eye mask and keep it in the fridge all day and sleep with it on it seems to be helping!!!!! especially if ur eyes are puffy

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    23. And when a friend tells you that your recommendation was great for their skin.

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