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    Drew Barrymore Revealed Why Her Makeup-Free Selfie With Cameron Diaz Is No Big Deal

    "Just be you."

    Fun fact: It’s been over a decade (15 years to be exact) since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was released in cinemas. Since then, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu have continued to work both on-and-off screen.

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    Most recently, Drew has starred in the Netflix comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, as well as serving as one of its executive producers. She also oversees her cruelty-free beauty brand, Flower Beauty, which she launched in 2013.

    Drew recently caught up with her Charlie’s Angels co-star and close friend Cameron Diaz and posted this casual selfie of the two of them.

    And within minutes of posting the image, fans flocked to the comments to praise the pair for going makeup free.

    Speaking to People magazine shortly after posting the image Drew revealed that she classes Cameron as her sister: "Her and I are like sisters and we see each other all the time and it was just sort of where we are today."

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    She went on to reveal what compelled the pair to share the makeup-free selfie: "We’d just come from a workout. We feel good. We’re not wearing any makeup and we’re just girls being ourselves. And sometimes all makeup and beauty fun aside, it’s just about the raw, honest, post workout look, you know? Just be you."

    We couldn't agree more!

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