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To Our White Friends And Family In North Carolina

It's time for action.

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Dear White Friends and Family,

As North Carolinians, we are heartbroken and outraged about the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott and Justin Carr. We have watched as the routine police and white vigilante violence against Black people has been publicized across the country. Our Black friends, coworkers, and family members are living in fear, afraid they will be shot for merely existing with Black skin.

It is time for us to take action.

We know you may be thinking: Are they crazy? What are they saying? They're taking it a little too far.

If you are, please take some time to read the articles we've linked here. The murder of these two people and so many others across the country reflects the history of systemic racism and White Supremacy that plagues our state and our nation.

If you are a parent, please try to imagine living every day in fear that your child will be brutalized or killed while walking home, listening to music with friends, or swimming at a pool party. For just a moment, consider how scary it must be to live in a country that has never wanted you and your family to survive. Consider, too, how you would react if people in your community were being murdered by police, again and again and again, and nothing was done?

It is not easy or comfortable to talk about racism, and you may feel confused or uncertain, but we cannot prioritize our own comfort over the lives of Black people.

We are ready for you to join us. We know that this is no small task, but we also know you believe in doing the right thing. We are asking you to risk your own security--be it your money, your integrity, or your body--because you believe so deeply that the color of a person's skin should not determine their right to live.

For information about how to join or support protesters in Charlotte, NC, visit You can also donate to the Southern Vision Alliance through that site. Funds will go towards protesters' supplies and bail funds. Several of us donate regularly, and we believe wholeheartedly in their work.

For more information about how to take action against systemic racism and injustice, check out Black Lives Matter and Showing Up for Racial Justice (a group for white people with chapters all across the country). The SURJ Facebook page has a variety of resources for talking with your children and your white friends and family members about racism and police violence.

To sign on, add your name in the comments below (and then we'll add it here) and share it with family and friends.

We love you all so much.

Cara Isher-Witt, Jen Isher-Witt, Corey Frost, Katie Locklier, Sam Allison, Tom Allison, Margie Allison, Hannah Allison, Claire Kelly, Lynne Walter, and Sarah Snow.

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