My Friend Only Has 20 Weeks To Live

I met a friend online that I've been speaking to for a month or so now (maybe more, I can't quite remember). Despite the short time we have a blossoming friendship. Upon meeting her I immediately grew fond of her sweet personality. She came to me at a really difficult time in my life. Ally grew up in a poor home with an abusive mother and complicated family situation. She gave me even more disturbing news recently, however. She tells me she has only 20 weeks to live, and it's all because her mother neglected to take her to the dentist for 11 years. She has a condition most people do not know about. It is called "crowded teeth". Essentially, all of her teeth have rotted out and are basically non-functional. The technical term for her condition is Peridontal disease. If her mother had taken her to the dentist as a child, she could have been able to live a full life. She could have been cured. Because of her condition, constant infections threaten her health. Now, she will probably not live past 22. I know she is not lying because she has sent me photos and has Skyped with me on numerous occasions. Since she does not have much time with us, I wanted to take a bold step and contact Buzzfeed and try to give her a voice. I would do anything to get awareness out. I love my friend dearly and would do anything for her. I am not asking for donations or any attention to myself. I just felt if Buzzfeed made a small article on the subject that maybe children could be spared of this. Another issue is that Obamacare does not cover dental, which could put millions at risk. As I write this article, I am sobbing and hoping that maybe someone out there could help me tell Ally's story. I will miss her dearly when we have to say goodbye.

Hannah Augsburger • 2 years ago