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Hanifah Rahman • 4 days ago

22 Personajes de TV con las historias más dramáticas

Pobres almas en desgracia... y con razón.

Hanifah Rahman • 5 days ago
Hanifah Rahman • 6 days ago

We Tried Nando's New Sides And Salads And Here Are Our Thoughts

"I feel like Nando's really cares about me getting my 5-a-day"

Hanifah Rahman • 6 days ago
Hanifah Rahman • 8 days ago

Throw A Children's Birthday Party And We'll Tell You Your Mental Age

Your passport might say 23, but how old are you really?

Hanifah Rahman • 10 days ago

What's The Spookiest Thing That's Happened To You In A Hotel?

Tell us all about your unpleasant stay.

Hanifah Rahman • 14 days ago

17 Movie Lines That Are So Cringey They Probably Should've Been Cut Out

Yes, "I have orgasms, he has wargasms" is an actual line from a film.

Hanifah Rahman • 14 days ago

Which London Tube Line Are You?

Just because you take the Northern line everyday, doesn't mean you're not Metropolitan line at heart.

Josie Ayre • 14 days ago
Hanifah Rahman • 16 days ago

Could You Make It As A Nanny For The Royal Family?

Do you have was it takes to raise a little prince?

Hanifah Rahman • 16 days ago

21 Of The Funniest British Tweets From April

"s(H)e believed(from steps)."

Hanifah Rahman • 23 days ago

What's The Cringiest Line In Movie History?

Is ~that~ line from Fifty Shades Of Grey seared into your memory?

Hanifah Rahman • 23 days ago

Here's Everything That's Coming To Netflix UK This May

The Society, Wine Country, The Great Gatsby, and more!

Hanifah Rahman • 24 days ago
Hanifah Rahman • 26 days ago
Hanifah Rahman • 27 days ago

Here's How To Taste Chocolate Like A Master Chocolatier

Become a true chocolate connoisseur in three easy steps 😋

Hanifah Rahman • One month ago

If You've Done 19/26 Of These Things Then Wow, You Must Really Love Chocolate

Do you dream of falling into a river of chocolate, Augustus Gloop style?

Hanifah Rahman • One month ago

How Do Your Movie Rebooting Opinions Compare To Everyone Else's?

Who would bring these classics to the 21st century?

Hanifah Rahman • One month ago

You Can't Eat Chocolate Again Unless You Pass This Delicious Quiz

It's time to put your sweet tooth to the test.

Hanifah Rahman • One month ago