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    19 Things That Everyone Did In A Girl's School That Seemed Normal At The Time, But Are Actually Quite Weird

    Covering your earrings with plasters during P.E – what was that about?!

    1. Unsnapping your unsuspecting friend's bras through their shirts.

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    Hilarious at the time, but if someone did this to me now, I'd probably cry.

    2. Pulling up your tights and removing your wedgies in front of everybody, without giving it a second thought.


    No one ever questioned why you were grabbing your crotch in the corridor, it was the done thing.

    3. And also readjusting your padded bra with pride.

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    Grabbing your boobs in public = an essential part of the girl's school experience.

    4. "Fixing" the ladders of your tights with clear nail polish.

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    Let's be real, all this did was stick the hairs on your legs together...

    5. Covering your jewellery with plasters during P.E, because "apparently" running across a field with studs in was a health hazard.


    Why was this a thing?!

    6. And being met with suspicion when you tried to use your period as an excuse to get out of P.E, because the teachers knew everyone's cycles were synced.


    Nine times out of 10 you were lying, but still.

    7. Loudly discussing the details of every bodily function, including your period, with your friends...


    8. ...But then feeling like you were taking part in the biggest drug deal of the century when you exchanged a pad with a friend.

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    Secondary school mantra: periods must be heard but never seen, apparently.

    9. Having a communal body spray that was pretty much your friendship group's signature scent.

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    You were either a Charlie group or an Impulse group – no in between.

    10. Which I guess isn't so weird when you remember that you were probably sharing every item of makeup between your girls, eyeliner and all.

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    Yes, I'm sure you sharpened it between uses to "sterilise" it, but if one person got conjunctivitis, it would've been all over.

    11. Literally not giving a shit about your appearance for the majority of the day...

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    Finding a head of brushed hair before 12.30 was a rarity at school.

    12. ...Until afternoon break, which may as well have been called the makeover period.


    You were most likely glamming up to bump into the boys from the neighbouring school, even though you probably passed them that same morning.

    13. And then inevitably calling upon the services of that one girl who knew how to braid hair.

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    Heading to the bus stop with fresh French braids was the only way to go TBH.

    14. Being on persevering mission to make your skirt as short as anatomically possible...


    The social currency was pretty much measured in skirt length.

    15. ...To the point where you convinced yourself that rolling it up until it stuck out like a tutu was a lewk.


    I wish someone had informed me that it wasn't.

    16. Developing a mass crush on any male teacher that was passably attractive and under 30...

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    Was he that hot? Probably not, but he was there.

    17. ...Then being incredibly unsubtle about said crush, which probably made him very uncomfortable.

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    My school's resident ~hot teacher~ was named Mr Harny, so he didn't stand a chance.

    18. Going out of your way to replace your functional school bag with a disposable one from a "cool" shop.

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    You probably only bought a pair of socks from the shop, but you made sure you got that big bag.

    19. And finally, getting really caught up in the weekly rumour that the school was planning to become a mixed one.

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    This actually happened to my school five years after I left, and honestly, I feel cheated.

    Don't forget to tell us your favourite girl's school memories in the comments!

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