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Updated on Jul 4, 2020. Posted on Jul 1, 2020

Only A Movie Buff Will Be Able To Get 6/8 On This Twin Movie Quiz

They're the same, but different.

🎬 The Rules 🎬

Okay so, the following movies share striking similarities*. All you have to do is guess which movie scored highest on the Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer.

*Look, I'm not saying they're the exact carbon copies, but, like, they've got the same vibes.

  1. Two teens, unhappy with their youth, make a wish and magically become adults – but which one got the highest rating?

    Sony Pictures Releasing / 20th Century Fox


    Big got a huge 97% rating, while 13 Going on 30 only got 65%!

    Via 20th Century Fox
  2. Two entertainers pose as teachers and give their students the gift of music. Which one was rated best?

    Paramount Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    School of Rock

    School of Rock got 91%, which Sister Act 2 shockingly only got 17%, which is a huge injustice, in my opinion.

    Via Paramount Pictures
  3. Both tell a story about a guy who realises that his entire world is a lie, he's the chosen one, and it's down to him to save everyone – but which one got the higher rating?The Lego Movie and The Matrix.

    Warner Bros. Pictures Roadshow Entertainment /

    The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie got a huge 96%, while The Matrix scored an 88%.

    Via Warner Bros. Pictures Roadshow Entertainment
  4. These movies are both about unfaithful men get a taste of their own medicine when they multidate with the wrong ladies, but which one went down better?

    20th Century Fox

    John Tucker Must Die!

    The teen classic got 28%, while The Other Woman only got 25%!

    Via 20th Century Fox
  5. Two disaster movies about the earth getting struck by a giant space rock. They were released the same year, but which one did better?

    United International Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

    Deep Impact!

    Despite being super similar, Deep Impact scored a 45%, while Armageddon got a 38%.

    Via United International Pictures
  6. Two single dads are willing to do whatever it takes to get their beloved child back from harm's way. Same plot, different genre – but which was more critically acclaimed?

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / EuropaCorp International

    Finding Nemo!

    Finding Nemo got an impressive 99%, while Taken was a bit of a washout with just 32%.

    Via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
  7. They're two almost identical movies about friends who get it on and end up falling in love. But which was more acclaimed?


    Friends With Benefits!

    It scored 68%, while No Strings Attached, which was released the same year, only got 49%.

    Via Sony Pictures Releasing
  8. And finally: both these films are about young women with telekinetic powers. Which of these classics do you think got the best rating?

    United Artists / TriStar Pictures


    These two came pretty close – Carrie scored a 92%, but Matilda wasn't far behind with 90%!

    Via United Artists

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