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    17 Reasons Why Group Chats Are The Actual Worst

    Being left on "read" by the entire group is truly heartbreaking.

    1. If you're a lone ranger, you're probably not a fan of a group chat.

    y’all have enough friends for GROUP chats? wow.

    2. But if you are in a group chat, you'll know that gutting feeling of waking up to 100 notifications and knowing you've missed out on some great banter.

    History / Via

    FOMO is real when it comes to the group chat.

    3. Occasionally, you end up staying awake waaay past your bedtime just so you don't miss out.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    It's not even that interesting...

    4. Sometimes you'll drop a HILARIOUS joke, and the only reply you get is a half-hearted "lol."

    Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed

    Your humour is wasted on the group.

    5. And sometimes you spend ages typing out the perfect joke, only for the conversation to move on by the time you get it out there. / Via

    Group chats move too fast for my liking.

    6. If an argument starts in the group chat, no one's secrets are safe.

    When there’s beef in the group chat

    This is always a tense situation.

    7. And there's always one person who takes their admin role way too seriously.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    If someone gets too rowdy, they'll probably remove them.

    8. You've probably been added into a few random group chats where you have no idea who anyone is.

    Miramax Films / Via

    You didn't ask to be added, but you know you're about to get loads of notifications.

    9. Or maybe you've accidentally added a complete stranger into one of your group chats.

    Dead VCR / Via

    Mistakes are way too easy to make.

    10. Group chat names can get silly.

    I hate my sister for naming our family group chat Thotties From 78th because i have to receive texts like these from my own mother

    11. And I think we can all agree that family group chats are the ~worst~.

    Fox / Via

    Your phone storage is bound to become full of aunt Karen's holiday photos that she's so kindly shared with the group.

    12. Because you know you're going to get a million notifications in about an hour.

    CBS / Via

    And most of the responses will just be "okay," and "haha." So annoying.

    13. It's way too easy to mix up your group chats, and sending the wrong message to the wrong group can be so embarassing.

    Warner Bros. Production / Via

    Posting a risqué photo to your work group chat is less than ideal.

    14. Oh, and no one will ever forget your faux pas.

    My brother won’t stop sending me the screenshot of when I accidentally said I took anal instead of a nap in my family group chat

    15. If you try to drag someone, you run the risk of being dragged yourself.

    Seven Network / BuzzFeed

    16. For some reason, there's always a lurker that never types anything, but you know that they read it all.

    E! / Via

    What do they want? Are they a spy?

    17. And finally, we all know that there is literally no worse feeling than having EVERYONE in the group chat ignore you.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    We've all been there.

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