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    19 TV Couples That Broke Our Hearts When They Didn't Get Their Happy Ending Together

    They deserved better 💔

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what TV couples they thought should've ended up together, didn't. Here are their responses!

    1. Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars.


    "They were soulmates."


    "I didn't like Emily with Ali – it was so forced and rushed. Maya was probably the only person she was with that didn't treat her wrong BEFORE getting together."


    2. Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead.


    "I was so ready for their little family."


    3. Regina and Robin from Once Upon a Time.


    "Regina well and truly deserved her happy ending after going through so much and redeeming herself. Still makes me cry thinking about it. They were perfect for each other."


    "I have no idea why he had to die, they were adorable together and made each other so happy!"


    4. Robin and Barney from How I Met Your Mother.


    "I'm still bitter about it. Fuck Ted.


    5. Clarke and Lexa from The 100.

    The CW

    "Their relationship will forever mess me up, it was such an amazing arc to all me ruined within seconds. I just wonder the empire they would’ve built together."


    6. Phoebe and Joey from Friends.


    "I know that they technically weren't a couple, but personally, I think they would've been great together. They were super alike and equally quirky!"


    7. Bonnie and Enzo from The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    "They were so In love and one of the most unproblematic couples on the show. Killing Enzo off during the final season was for unnecessary shock value and I’m still not over it."


    8. Nate and Serena from Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "100 percent would have been a better couple than Dan."


    9. Cristina and Owen from Grey’s Anatomy.


    "They always loved each other and were instantly drawn to each other since the very first time they met. Even though one was ice and the other was fire, they just complement each other so well - both determined, badass, went through so much in life but they're always there for each other in good and bad times."


    10. Lane and Dave from Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    "Honestly, these two deserved a lot more attention. While yes, they were both side characters, they truly connected. From the first moment they met, they were a match made in heaven. He even read the entire bible for her – dedication. I was so devastated when he moved away and Lane got with Zach, I stopped watching the show."


    11. Haley and Andy from Modern Family.


    "When I found out they broke up I was truly disappointed. They had such great chemistry that I don’t think she will find again. Her boyfriends before and after have been so predictable and boring. Andy brought adventure and sexual tension to the table and I think the break up was a big mistake."


    12. Willow and Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


    "They were such a great couple and I’m still emotionally scarred for life after Tara’s death."


    "I’m still not over Tara’s death. It was so intense and such a sad ending for not only one of the best couples, but also one of the first LGBTQ couples represented so honestly on a major television network."


    13. Effy and Freddie from Skins.


    "I know everyone loved Cook and Effy together but he didn’t treat her well at all, Freddie loved Effy more and the fact that they killed him off still breaks my heart."


    14. Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls.

    The WB

    "They always understood each other and the grown-up version of Jess would've been perfect for her. "


    "He was always the one to challenge and motivate her in both the original and the revival. He was so good for her and was way more supportive than Dean and Logan ever were.


    15. Jackie and Hyde from That '70s Show.


    "They absolutely should have ended up together. They brought out the best in one another and they both grew as people while they were together."


    "They were so freaking cute together and had such amazing chemistry! They kept pushing each other to be a better person. I can't bring myself to watch it again because the last season is a shitshow and she ends up with Fez."


    16. Caroline and Klaus from The Originals.

    The CW

    "Klaroline is forever a favourite of mine and it just makes me mad that they never got a real chance to be together."


    17. Shane and Carmen from The L Word.


    "They were a perfect couple and my heart broke when they split. Jenny was the worst."


    18. Jesse and Jane from Breaking Bad.


    "Jane was the one person Jesse loved and was willing to change in all ways for. She only died because it made Walt's life easier. He didn't care that he was fucking Jesse over repeatedly."


    19. Ted and Tracy from How I Met Your Mother.

    Ron P. Jaffe

    " I mean I know technically they got together, but then you find out she’s dead and then he goes back to Robin. It just really made the entire show feel like a waste of time. I’ve never gone back and rewatched the show because that ending infuriated me!"


    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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