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    18 Things That You Probably Haven't Thought About Since 2008

    Avril Lavigne was a trailblazer in the useless necktie movement.

    1. Everyone loved shutter shades, à la Kanye West.

    2. Almost as much as they loved Bottle Pop — a '90s throwback revived by the Jonas Brothers.

    3. Wacky, colourful phone socks were an essential phone accessory.

    4. Speaking of phones, you've probably forgotten how curvy the iPhone 3G was back in '08.

    5. And before the iPhone took off, there was the Sidekick, which was probably your dream phone.

    6. Facebook walls were the best way to communicate with your friends.

    7. And you've probably forgotten how much effort went into making your Bebo page look cool.

    8. My Super Sweet 16, gave you birthday party envy every time you watched it.

    9. And don't forget Pimp My Ride, the ultimate makeover show of '08.

    10. Sky+ was the only way to catch up on your favourite TV shows.

    11. Scoubidous were a wildly popular hobby, for some reason.

    12. And Selena and Demi were total BFF goals.

    13. Quizzes from teen magazines were 2008 staple.

    10 yr old teen magazine quiz. FYI: I'm still searching for the guy/puppy/lunch sandwich "I'm totally in tune with."

    And they obviously gave you very scientific and accurate results

    14. Those trick videos that circulated the internet scared the shit out of you, even though you knew what was coming.

    15. Tiny dogs were carried around in handbags, which everyone just accepted as totally normal.

    16. WAGS were were the epitome of elegant chic back in '08.

    17. Tiny little waistcoats were a fashionista's staple.

    18. And finally, ties that had absolutely no practical use were an essential must have.