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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    18 Things You'll Know Are True If You Work In TV Production

    Whats the point in having a call sheet if no one sticks to it?

    1. Shoot days can be never ending and you're almost always behind schedule.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    What's the point in having a call sheet if no one sticks to it?

    2. And you soon learn that there’s no such thing as normal working hours.

    "wyd after work" sleeping for work tomorrow 😂☹️

    You really relate to the Dolly Parton song. If by "9-5" she meant 9am-5am.

    3. Whenever you tell people you work in TV, they think it's waaaay more glamorous than it is.

    Disney / Nickelodeon / Hanifah Rahman / BuzzFeed

    4. But it’s hard to explain what exactly it is that you do.

    Disney/ BuzzFeed

    Because you do it all!

    5. But you have to admit that sometimes it can be pretty cool.

    California Dance Club / Via

    After work karaoke with Cara Delevingne? Sign me up!

    6. Your job has changed the way you watch TV.

    Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

    Candid spontaneous conversation? Scripted and produced. Christmas special? Filmed in August. Working in TV is why I have trust issues.

    7. And whenever you talk to people you're mentally working out whether they've got good TV potential.

    Fox / Via

    “So you were left at the alter, survived a tsunami, and now you’re a vegan monk? Ever thought about auditioning for reality TV?”

    8. You’ve probably been involved in some kind of technical fuck up at some point.

    FX / Via

    Filmed the most emotional heartfelt interview? Check. Realised the mic was switched off the entire time? Check. *cries*

    9. And maybe a data protection breach or two.

    MTV / Via

    Accidentally using CC instead of BCC in a group email is a very easy mistake that we’ll all pretend we've never done.

    10. Your runner days were where you honed your tea making skills to perfection.

    Jamie Jones/ BuzzFeed

    It's the most valuable thing I learned tbh.

    11. And when you learned never to overestimate your importance at work.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Just when you think you’re becoming a vital member of the team, a producer will call you by the wrong name.

    12. But at least lunch expenses gave you the chance to try out new foods that you would never spend your own money on.

    Syndicated / Via

    It’s the little things that make us happy.

    13. You secretly feel proud of yourself when a contributor cries on camera.

    Fox / Via

    It's a bit sadistic, but it makes great TV.

    14. Until they won't stop crying, and then you feel really guilty.

    ABC / Via

    The cameras stop rolling and you're left to pick up the pieces.

    15. You've been faced with some truly ridiculous requests in your time.

    producer to AP... "I want a shetland pony drinking a cup of tea in the kitchen... ASAP". #OfCourse #Overheardintelly #TV #onlyintv #pony

    And you have to make them happen. Because we’re not just making TV, we’re making ~magic~.

    16. And you become reaaally close to your colleagues very quickly.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Having a work wife is essential because you have no time for any relationships outside of work.

    17. As soon as your contract ends you’re filled with the fear that you’ll never work again.

    TV Freelancing: #Overseenintelly #starvation #telly

    The word "funemployment" is thrown around way too often in the TV world.

    18. But it's always exciting because you never know what to expect.

    Rocket Jump Film School / Via

    One day you’re filming in Harrods and the next you’re looking after Simon Cowell’s dogs. What a job.

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