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    "The Wilds" Is Back – Here Are 24 Things You Need To Remember From The First Season

    We need to know what happened after the shark attack, and we need to know now.

    The Wilds is back with season two!

    Between the secret informants, The Twilight of Adam, and the mysterious "phase two", a lot went down in the first season. So if you need a quick refresher on some of the biggest moments, we've got you:

    1. We mostly saw the characters in three different time periods – during their weeks stranded on the desert island, in flashbacks of their lives before the retreat, and during what seems to be a post-island FBI investigation.

    2. Gretchen – the brains behind Dawn of Eve – is a bit of a tyrant, to put things lightly. We learn that she was fired from her job as a professor, and doesn’t really care about ethics when it comes to getting results.

    3. She’s convinced that her experiment will prove that when women are away from the patriarchy, they can create harmonious utopias, and should be the ones in charge of society.

    4. In Leah’s flashback, we found out that she's pining after a much older guy who broke things off with her when he discovered she was underage.

    5. Leah went to the same school as high flying Fatin, whose parents shipped her off to the retreat after she exposed her dad’s affair.

    6. Martha’s flashback showed that she was abused by a doctor, but had repressed the memories and didn't speak out about him when other kids came forward.

    7. We quickly got to know that Toni, who was in the foster system and living with Martha before the retreat, has a very short temper and is unapologetically queer.

    8. Shelby, on the other hand, is not. She came across as pretty damn closed-minded, but we later find out that there’s a lot more going on when it comes to sexuality.

    9. She had feelings for her best friend, but her dad – who runs conversion therapy sessions – found them kissing, and so she cut her off.

    10. Dot cared for her sick dad, whose dying wish was for her to go on the Dawn of Eve retreat.

    11. Nora’s flashback revealed that she’d dated a boy named Quinn, but after they broke things off he died in a hazing accident.

    12. And it turns out that one of the boys who killed Quinn is Gretchen’s son, and it was apparently his actions that inspired her to launch the experiment.

    13. After being manipulated into thinking that Dawn of Eve would help her sister Rachel, Nora was persuaded to become Gretchen’s informant.

    14. There’s also Jeanette, who died after they were all washed up on the island. She was the only girl who went to the retreat alone, and that’s because she was an informant for Gretchen, too.

    15. When the supplies dwindled, Leah swam out to sea to try and drown herself, but she was rescued by Rachel and Fatin.

    16. Naturally, there was a lot of bonding between the girls, and between struggling for survival they had some laughs together.

    17. And after starting out as enemies, Toni and Shelby’s connection grew, and a very sweet romance blossomed.

    18. Leah was eventually proven right, but before she could expose Nora’s secret to the rest of the girls, Rachel got attacked by a shark.

    19. Nora swam out to save her, and that was the last time we saw her on the island.

    20. We also have no idea what happened to Martha – just like Nora, she wasn’t in any of the post-island interview scenes.

    21. It also transpired that Agent Young and Dr Farber were actually in on the Dawn of Eve experiment, and the interview stage is far from the end of the ordeal.

    22. In the interviews, Rachel’s shark wound was pretty much healed, so looks like there was a fair bit of time between the last time we saw the girls on the island and their “rescue.”

    23. And Shelby, who got a buzz cut at some point, demanded to speak to Leah. When she eventually managed to get to her, Shelby slipped her a note saying “you were right."

    24. And finally, the ever-suspicious Leah broke out of her holding room and discovered The Twilight of Adam – the control group of teenage boys stranded on an island in some very familiar conditions.

    What do you think will happen in the second season of The Wilds? Have you started watching it already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    All image credits: Prime Video