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    The Finale Of "Derry Girls" Caught Us Off Guard, But Luckily There's A Special Episode Airing Tonight

    "i never thought derry girls could make me cry but here we are.."

    The final episode of the third season of Derry Girls aired last night, and it was an emotional rollercoaster.

    Fatboy Slim made an appearance, Aunt Sarah accidentally got engaged, James got fake beaten up, and Clare finally had her first kiss!!!

    And even though we're not quite at the end of our Derry Girls journey – there's an hour-long special airing tonight – the season finale left us in an emotional wreck.

    Fans were caught off guard, to say the least:

    me and my family sitting in silence after #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @notastackofcats

    i am not okay after that episode, so much happened im all over the place #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @_sapphicsnix

    Everyone watching the end of that episode like: #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @NoveltyBobble12

    And people couldn't get over just how quickly the episode went from hilarity to tragedy in the last few minutes:

    #DerryGirls me being happy her dad dies clare has a gf

    Twitter: @yelenajinx
    Twitter: @cathrichhh

    Lisa after writing that episode #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @itsellewasup

    i never thought derry girls could make me cry but here we are..

    Twitter: @diannaagronsgf

    the last three minutes of derry girls

    Twitter: @amylouise285

    The poignancy of the finale was also noted:

    this new derry girls episode was everything, it’s exactly what death is like. nothing prepares you for it, one minute everything’s fine and the next they’re gone - fucking amazing

    Twitter: @diannaagronsgf

    A small thing that I loved was the girls were so excited for Clare after her kiss that they didn't even care about the concert #derrygirls

    Twitter: @castlepinkskull

    Derry Girls really said that life is not a linier series of events. The worst parts of your life can and will co-exist with the best parts&there is no telling if/when those will be. So you just have to try and make the best of every situation as it comes to you. They were right!

    Twitter: @JoanneOR_Ox

    There were some great reactions to help us laugh through the tears:

    who wore it best? chris evans or sister michael? #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @rubynaldrett

    Look, do we all fancy the Grandad from Derry Girls or not

    Twitter: @hansmollman
    Twitter: @JENNAORT3GA

    Aunt Sarah wasn't lying when she said she was a psychic. That certificate's 100% legit #DerryGirls

    Twitter: @sarahisnothere

    And everyone just wants to see the girls get their happily ever after in the special tonight:

    derry girls 1 hour special have erin and james and clare and her gf happy or i shoot

    Twitter: @simmscIayton

    thinking about claire from derry girls pls have a happy ending tonight or i’m ripping my hair out and giving it to a hamster to use as a wig honestly

    Twitter: @hugs4bash

    But we're not quite ready to move on just yet...

    last 2 ever episodes of derry girls tonight and tomorrow

    Twitter: @averageIyjoe

    how am i supposed to watch that episode of derry girls and just move on with my life???

    Twitter: @apollochickens

    The Derry Girls special airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm!