"Swarm" Is A Wild Ride – Here's How People Are Reacting To The New Series

    "I think Swarm is such a good show cause besides the murder that’s actually how a lot of y’all be in real life"

    Swarm, Prime Video’s latest original series – created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover – dropped this weekend.

    The 7-parter follows Dre's (Dominique Fishback) obsession with a singer named Ni’jah, and explores stan culture as we’ve never seen it before – from sneaking backstage to taking down trolls, and a whole lot more.

    Between the similarities between the fictional "Swarm" and the Beyhive, the plethora of guest stars, and the absolutely wild ride Dre takes us on, Twitter had a lot of thoughts...

    People were caught off by the concept, for a start:

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    stan twitter, i’d avoid the show swarm if i was y’all 🥴

    Twitter: @shaTIRED

    There was a lot to say about Dominique Fishback’s stunningly chilling performance and Dre’s already iconic catchphrase:

    Only one episode in, and the way I feel about her is how Film Twitter feels about Pearl.

    Twitter: @boysforpeles

    Dre immediately after killing somebody #Swarm

    Twitter: @korriswilder

    Chile, I’m a few episodes in and all I got to say is… Joe Goldberg ain’t got nothing on Dre #Swarm #SwarmOnPrime

    Twitter: @AngieDaCoolNerd

    Me as soon as I hear Dre say “Who’s your favorite artist?” #Swarm

    Twitter: @korriswilder

    she’s to me what what pearl is to white woman #swarm

    Twitter: @MRST3ACH

    And the meticulous creative choices and cast performances:

    The most brilliant thing about #Swarm is that Janine and Donald cast the protégé of a pop star, the daughter of a pop star, and an actual pop star. I see what yall did and it was brilliant. Meta in every way. 👨🏾‍🍳 😚

    Twitter: @walkgoodetienne

    SWARM was disturbing deeply twisted surreal and yet VERY REAL and y’all are so PRUDE horror and eroticism go hand in hand in my world —the series goes to extreme places yet the performances are grounded and spellbinding #swarm #janinenabers

    Twitter: @missnuma

    everybody laughing at that sex scene should really be giving her flowers and that’s all imma say.

    Twitter: @TEXASTITTIE

    Naturally, people pondered how Beyoncé might be reacting to the not-so-subtle parallels:

    Twitter: @Ineed5dollars

    I know Beyoncé finished Swarm and texted Donald like “you bird chested bitch”

    Twitter: @KissMyMahogany

    There are some fan theories that might be onto something:

    Anyways, ya’ll have all been focusing on the wrong parts of #Swarm I’m gonna use color theory to prove Dre killed Marissa. ☺️🔪 {spoilers}

    Twitter: @JustLatasha404

    Read the thread, it's worth it.

    And because it’s Twitter, the jokes and memes are the gifts that keep on giving:

    I think Swarm is such a good show cause besides the murder that’s actually how a lot of y’all be in real life 😭😭

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    Me after talking shit on here and then hearing "Who's your favorite artist?" #swarm

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    I need a crossover with both of them #swarm

    Twitter: @michaelcollado

    I can’t explain it but this is how I felt at the end of SWARM

    Twitter: @boyslookblue

    Damson Idris when he read the script for "Swarm":

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    now why halsey catching strays hello ?! 😭 #swarm

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    swarm this, swarm that. have y’all thought about SWARMing indeed or linkedin? it may not BEE a dream job but at least you’ll HIVE (have) one! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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