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19 Things You Forgot From Your School Days, But Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About

There was no greater place than the Scholastic Book Fair. H/T r/nostalgia

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1. These adorable little guys who taught you all the basics of counting...

Learning Resources

2. ...Before you upgraded to these bad boys.


3. The excitement of coming home from the first day of school and decorating all your books with wrapping paper.

Snackbit / Via

4. This pointy "S" that everyone was obsessed with drawing for some reason.

Hanifah Rahman / BuzzFeed

5. The immense feeling of pride and superiority when you graduated from pencil to handwriting pen.

Cult Pens

6. The glorious sight of the Scholastic book fair in your school hall...

7. ...which always came with the sheer excitement of putting in a new book order on this catalogue.

SSpSpoSpouSpout / Via

8. This clock, which taught you everything you needed to know about telling the time.

READlbetweenl / Via

9. That deliciously unhealthy rectangular pizza.

texit_ / Via

10. The wonders of the WordArt gallery, which was the best form of procrastination.

ctr5490 / Via

11. This iconic parachute that basically turned gym class into a circus.

Flickr: jennycu / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jennycu

12. The excitement of rearranging the classroom desks and getting a brand new seating plan.

lockstrap / Via

13. This menacing eraser tearing a huge hole in your paper.

StupidQuail /Etsy

14. The endless collection of cereal box learning coupons.

SylviaSilk / Via

15. These Eyewitness books, that were the font of all knowledge and wisdom...

Book Photographed by Beekeeper for reference purpose
Tim Hammond / Via Flickr: mypandorasbox

Book Photographed by Beekeeper for reference purpose

16. ...until your school upgraded to a state of the art technology suite, that is.

Ghost-World / Via

17. Which is where you would use these uncomfortable giant headphones.

RandomKid150 / Via

18. The old-fashioned method of turning off your calculator, which involved covering up the solar panel and starving it of sunlight.

WikiHow / Via

19. And finally, this cursed instrument.