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Updated on Oct 13, 2019. Posted on Jan 4, 2019

Recast These Iconic '90s Characters And We'll Tell You How Many Kids You'll Have

Will you have your own mini football team?

  1. Who would make the perfect Miss Honey in a Matilda remake?

    TriStar Pictures
  2. What about Daniel from Mrs Doubtfire?

    20th Century Fox
  3. Who would play the pint-sized hero in Home Alone?

    20th Century Fox
  4. And what about The Mask?

    New Line Cinema
  5. And who could take on the role of this dynamic duo in a modern take on The Parent Trap?

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
  6. What guy has what it takes to be George from George Of The Jungle?

    Buena Vista Pictures
  7. And finally, who would make the perfect Cruella De Vil in a 101 Dalmations reboot?

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

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