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    18 Primary School Pictures That You'll Be Able To Smell Instantly

    You'll know exactly what I mean when you see them.

    1. The crayon box.

    2. Plasticine.

    3. The parachute.

    4. These exact counting blocks.

    5. The heat from the radiator.

    6. PVA glue.

    7. Lego.

    8. A wet one of these bad boys.

    9. These exact crash mats.

    10. And this exact vault.

    11. Alien babies.

    12. This wood block.

    13. Scented gel pens.

    14. Potato smileys.

    15. The Scholastic book fair.

    16. Pencil shavings.

    17. Tipp-Ex

    18. And finally: the boys' toilets.