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    17 Moments In Primary School That Were Truly Heartbreaking

    Being partners with the teacher was the worst.

    1. P.E. was a drag at the best of times, but forgetting your kit and having to exercise in your vest and pants was a downright nightmare.

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    The ultimate primary school reality check.

    2. As was being forced to sit on the knobbly bit of the bench.

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    It was bittersweet because you weren't sitting on the floor, but your bum paid the price.

    3. Not getting an invite to someone on your class's birthday party was the ultimate rejection.


    It was worse when the teacher handed the invites out at the end of the day.

    4. Followed closely by asking someone if you could join in with their game, only to be told: "ummm I don't know, it's not my game."



    5. Being sent out of the classroom and having to watch your classmates through that little window in the door was actually painful.

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    The original FOMO.

    6. But not as bad as getting a time out during Friday afternoon playtime.

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    Primary school teachers really knew how to dish out punishment.

    7. Nothing was more shameful than accidentally calling your teacher mum...


    A sure-fire way to have the entire class drag you for days.

    8. ...apart from getting stuck with a terrible, embarrassing nickname.


    Your classmates realising that your name rhymes with "fanny" can never end well.

    9. Being picked last for any kind of group activity was rejection at its finest.

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    10. And ending up being partnered with the teacher was enough to push you over the edge.

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    Especially if it was on a trip.

    11. Having to play a really shit character in the nativity was the ultimate slap in the face.

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    You were Mary material, yet you got cast as Second Shepherd.

    12. Being the only person still writing in pencil because you hadn't gotten your handwriting certificate was truly heartbreaking.


    Not everyone got that handwritinganks glow up.

    13. But you didn't know true shame until you were picked to read aloud, and then stumbled on an unexpectedly long word.


    14. And you didn't know true pain until you smacked your face on a crash mat.


    They were hard AF.

    15. Scraping your knee in the playground made you feel like a fallen soldier...

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    16. ...and it was only made worse by having to tend to your wounds with a wet paper towel.

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    Schools didn't budget for first aid, clearly.

    17. And finally, there was nothing worse than starting the school year wearing clothes that were miles too big.

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    Your mum insisted you'd grow into it, but you never did.