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    15 British TV Shows That Have Shocking Amounts Of Nudity In Them

    Destroying that prudish stereotype, one bare bum at a time.

    1. Embarrassing Bodies, the show that involved people being so ashamed about their various ailments that they decided to bare all on national TV.

    Channel 4

    Almost every condition under the sun was featured in this show – they even had a penis special! I get that this was in the interest of education, but like, why would you choose to strip off for millions of viewers when the GP is right there?!

    2. And then there was The Sex Clinic, which is pretty similar to Embarrassing Bodies, but – you've guessed it – was just about sex.

    Channel 4

    The show covered pretty much everything you could think of – suspicious spots on the bum, concerning rashes, and "problematic penises" to name a few.

    3. This one's not strictly dedicated to nudity, but there's a lot of flesh on show on Just Tattoo Of Us.


    The show follows pairs of couples, friends, or family members signing up to get mystery tattoos designed by the other person. There's usually a funny backstory that explains the reasoning behind their designs, so naturally, boobs and bums are commonly chosen canvasses.

    4. The Naked Office, which, for reasons I will never understand, had office staff stripping off with their coworkers.

    Virgin 1

    In the series, each episode featured a struggling business seeking help from an expert named Seven Suphi, who challenged staff members to do their jobs COMPLETELY NAKED. Where was HR?!

    5. And then there's Naked, which encouraged people from all walks of life – from cabbies to nurses – to bare it all.


    The aim of the game was to get the contestants to shed their insecurities. And how do you do that, I hear you ask. Well, they were set challenges, which included doing a Full Monty strip and posing for a life drawing class.

    6. In Dawn... Gets Naked, Dawn O'Porter went on a journey of self-discovery, and met with naturists and a stripper, before baring it all herself.


    This episode, where she stripped off in an effort to reveal the impossible beauty standards set by the media, was arguably the most risque instalment of the series where Dawn explored various things, including childbirth and "the world of lesbianism,"

    7. Naked & Invisible – the aim of this series was to have its contributors get away with being naked in public. How? With the help of a body painting champion and some clever camouflage.

    Channel 4

    I'm not totally sure what the message of this show was meant to be, but it had some pretty fun episode titles, including "Topless in Turnham Green", "Stripped in Spitalfields," and "Bare-arsed in Bloomsbury."

    8. How To Look Good Naked, where Gok Wan took insecure ladies on a journey of self-acceptance, with a naked runway being the final destination.

    Channel 4

    To be honest, Gok taught us all about the ~confidence~ and the show ran for five seasons, so he must have been doing something right.

    9. Miss Naked Beauty, which had Gok back at it with the self-acceptance, and also groping boobs for some reason.


    Anyone expecting a nude beauty pageant would've be disappointed because the title of this show was somewhat misleading – It was all about the contestants flaunting what they've got. The focus was on body positivity, but in true Gok style, there was a bare chest or two on display.

    10. A show that's pretty self-explanatory – Sex Tape.

    Channel 4

    If you hadn't already deduced, the show followed some couples who, on a quest to spice up their relationships, filmed themselves doing the deed. Oh, but that's not all, they also shared their sex tapes for feedback and tips.

    11. Naked Calendars – a doc that just proves that when the cameras come out, Brits can't resist stripping off.

    Channel 4

    This was a look into the weird and wonderful world of naked calendars, all made in the name of charity. If you're British, you're probably very familiar with this phenomenon, and if you're not, you're probably a bit confused as to why mums are baring it all for photoshoots.

    12. SeXXXy Tats, which sounds like it might be pornographic, but is actually just about people who like to get tattooed on their ~intimate~ regions.

    Channel 4

    If you've ever wondered what it was like to get tattooed on your penis, boob, or below the panty-line, look no further. Oh and that's not all, the show also focuses on people who like getting explicitly designed tats. Nudity for all!

    13. Naked Beach – a show which encourages people to face their body insecurities head-on. And by head-on I mean completely naked on a beach in Greece.

    Channel 4

    Led by a psychologist and a body image expert, the contestants were encouraged to learn to accept their hang-ups, from stretch marks, to vitiligo, to sporting injuries. I don't know about you, but a free trip to Greece in exchange for a lil nudity sounds like an alright deal to me.

    14. An extreme take on the whole "less is more" thing, there was Life Stripped Bare – a documentary that involved participants temporarily giving up all of their worldly possessions, including their knickers and socks.

    Channel 4

    It should be noted that there was no prize to be won in this one-off doc from 2016, and most of it revolved around the participants getting into many a sticky situation, mainly involving public nudity. I get what the show was trying to do, but watching a naked person sleep in their empty bathtub is a bit dire.

    15. And finally, Naked Attraction: the dating show where you judge people by their bits before even seeing their face. Contestants have to eliminate people based on their bare bodies, until they're left with just one naked date.

    Channel 4

    Literally every single episode of this show is shocking – full-frontal nudity just isn't something anyone's used to seeing on TV. The show must be doing something right though, because it's still going strong after four years on the air.

    Would you go on any of these shows? Tell us in the comments!

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