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A Teaser For "My Policeman" Just Dropped, And I'm Already So Excited

Harry Styles is our policeman.

You've probably seen pictures of Harry Styles on the set of My Policeman — his first leading role.

So far, we know Harry's playing Tom, a policeman who marries teacher Marion, played by Emma Corrin, while also being involved with Patrick — a museum curator who's played by David Dawson.

Well, the first teaser trailer just dropped, and it confirms what we already knew — My Policeman is a total must-watch.

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The teaser doesn't give too much away, but it's clear to see that there's a complicated love triangle going down between Patrick, Tom, and Marion.

And it looks like we can expect a whole lot of romance...

...And quite a bit of drama.

My Policeman is out in cinemas on October 21 and will be available for streaming on Prime Video on November 4.