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    22 "Friends" Things That Are So Ross Geller It Hurts


    1. Having a total sense of awareness, otherwise known as Unagi.

    2. Having a monkey as a pet.

    3. Not counting Mississippilessly and ending up with an extreme tan.

    4. Being completely FINE.

    5. Dressing up as Santa's representative for the Southern states, the Holiday Armadillo, to teach Ben about Hannukah.

    6. Hosting a fake memorial service for his fake death.

    7. Taking full advantage of complimentary hotel amenities...

    8. ...and having major shampoo explosions.

    9. Going Red Ross when because of a sandwich theif.

    10. Trying to make a statement with leather pants.

    11. Refusing to pay delivery for his new couch, but having a foolproof plan to get it upstairs.

    12. Saying the wrong name at his own wedding.

    13. Trying to impress a date with some shiny white teeth.

    14. Finding his "sound" on the keyboards.

    15. And furthering his musical talents by learning to play the bagpipes.

    16. Rapping a mildly inappropriate song about butts to his daughter.

    17. Refusing to pay Howard the handyman because of his principles.

    18. Whipping out The Routine™ as a sure-fire way of getting on television.

    19. Changing his lock right after giving his girlfriend a key.

    20. Giving lectures in a questionable British accent.

    21. Contemplating starting a Divorced Men's Club.

    22. And finally, yelling "we were on a break" at every possible opportunity.

    Team Ross forever!