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    18 Things Any Adult Who Lives At Home Knows All Too Well

    "You treat this place like a hotel."

    1. You might be an adult with serious grown-up responsibilities, but if you live at home, it's most likely that your parents treat you like a little kid.


    As long as you live under your parents' roof, you'll always be their baby.

    2. As a result, at times you can't resist reverting back to your angsty teenage ways.

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    You've definitely stormed out of the room once or twice, and even been tempted to slam the door for extra effect.

    3. When you tell people you still live at home, they just assume that you don't have a clue about how the adult world works.

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    You might not be in charge of bills, mortgages, and other grown-up things, but you're not totally clueless.

    4. And unlike adults who don't live at home, duvet days, lie-ins, and lazy days are practically non existent.

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    You know that if you get too comfortable you'll be met with the "you treat this place like a hotel" lecture.

    5. And your home life most probably feels like an endless cycle of chores.

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    You're happy to pull your weight, but you don't remember there being this much work to do when you were a kid.

    6. Chances are your bedroom hasn't changed much since childhood, which means it doesn't reflect your adult personality at all.

    14-year-old you insisted that being emo wasn’t a phase, so your jet black walls are there to stay.

    7. You end up bickering with your siblings about really petty things that other adults wouldn't bat their eyelids about.

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    Sibling relationships are the kind that are much better when there's a bit of space, not when you share a wall.

    8. Or if they're much younger, you're basically an unpaid babysitter.

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    Which is not something you signed up for.

    9. You have to deliver a PSA whenever you leave the house just to avoid being bombarded with "where are you" texts.

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    Nothing says adulting less than getting a call from your mum asking if you'll be home in time for tea.

    10. Your parents constantly lecture you about your life choices.

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    The phrase, "when I was your age" is something you hear on a daily basis.

    11. And they probably judge you for all your bad habits.


    Hangovers, unhealthy snacking, online shopping addictions — they see it all.

    12. Because, for some reason, your private life is always a hot topic of discussion.

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    When you're an adult who lives at home, secrets are a luxury you just can't afford.

    13. If you ever have any tasty leftovers, you've learnt to just assume that someone else will eat them before you get a chance to.

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    Without asking, of course, because nothing is sacred.

    14. And the closest thing you've had to hosting a fancy dinner party is helping out when your parents have their friends come over.

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    It's really hard to do the whole adulting thing when you live at home.

    15. You end up getting really sucked into your parents' gossip, which is mostly about people you don't even know.

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    Your mum doesn't spare a detail when it comes to any kind of drama, whether it's her friends, work colleagues, or just random neighbours.

    16. And you've definitely had to sit through waay too many awkward sex scenes with the whole family.

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    On the upside, you've perfected your "wow I am so confused, I've never seen anything like this before " look.

    17. Having an empty house is a rare luxury that only happens once in a blue moon.

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    18. But when your family go away for too long, you actually end up missing them.

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    You really can't win.

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