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    15 Shows Every British Kid Used To Love, But Are Actually Kinda Weird

    Never forget the kid who drank pee on Serious Desert.

    1. Stupid! Which was a sketch show that pretty much said what it did on the tin.


    We were all too busy laughing about the Devil Finger kid to hold King Stupid accountable for that ridiculous hat.

    2. Crush – a dating show for the under 12s.


    I don't know anyone who didn't want the Crush crew taking over their assembly hall, but really, what kid wants to go on a date at their school?

    3. The Serious series, which had people drinking their own pee long before Bear Grylls did.


    Yes, watching the kids trek through the desert, jungle, and the Arctic was great entertainment, but why did no one question their dodgy survival methods?

    4. Bodger and Badger, which taught us all that loving mashed potato can be a personality trait.


    Seriously, this show had NINE seasons and all I can remember is that Badger loves mashed potatoes.

    5. Raven is up there in the kid's show hall of fame, but why was it SO SERIOUS?


    I have so many questions – why did everyone have strange fake names, who were the cloaked demons, where did the kids go when they failed the Way of the Warrior? We need answers, Raven!

    6. And can we talk about the fact that the premise of Trapped was an old man trying to lock children up in a tower.


    10-year-old me was genuinely convinced that the kids were trapped in the tower forever, but for some reason I still wanted to be the saboteur.

    7. Bamzooki, which felt futuristic at the time, but has aged terribly.


    Sorry, but did any of us actually know what was going on in this show?

    8. And Kerching, which left a whole generation with many optimistic misconceptions about how to make money.


    Secondary school Taj made a million pounds doing what? Selling ringtones? Come on BBC...

    9. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow – which despite being really gross, was the ultimate goal for any TV contestant wannabe.


    The whole programme, which included games titled "What A Sweaty Flap", "Do I Know You Or Snot", and "Make Dick Sick" feels like a complete fever dream.

    10. Best of Friends – the game show where best mates' loyalties were tested with tasks and treats, breaking down friendships in the process.


    Yes, "youuuuuu suckkk" remains iconic, but I think i'd have second thoughts about my besties if I was stuck mucking out pigs while they went on a shopping spree.

    11. Evacuation, which took the concept of immersive learning and ran with it.


    1940s outfits, bowl haircuts, and outside toilets – It was all fun and games until they tried to make the kids the rabbits from the farm...

    12. We all love talent shows, but The Slammer – a show where "criminals" try to get released from "prison" by performing to a "jury" of kids, is an odd take on the format.


    Entertaining? Yes. In good taste? Not so much. That being said, I'm still sad that I never got a chance to be on the jury.

    13. Escape from Scorpian Island, which was basically I'm a Celeb, but for kids.


    Diving into sunken plane wreckages may not have been as bad as the bush tucker trials, but this show had a "do not try this at home" warning, which says a lot.

    14. Finger Tips – the show that taught you how to transform old junk from around your house into new, different junk.


    Lets be real, most of the time we were only watching this if Art Attack or SMart weren't on.

    15. And finally, Jeopardy – the sci-fi drama about teens on the hunt for UFOs – is still way scarier than any horror movie I've seen.


    It was described as being similar to The Blair Witch Project. I'm not saying it wasn't a dramatic masterpiece, but that just doesn't seem very CBBC to me.

    Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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