28 Tweets About "The Hunger Games" For Anyone Who Can't Wait For "The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes" To Come Out

    "I hate that I KNOW if I was capitol citizen I would've gagged so bad at the quarter quell. I live for an all stars season of anything."

    The Hunger Games Renaissance is fast approaching – The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes is set to be released this November, and by the looks of the trailer, it's gonna be good.

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    So, if you've reread and rewatched in anticipation, here are xx tweets about the world of Panem to tide you over.

    I’m about to become the most annoying hunger games fan again and I am not going to apologize for it pic.twitter.com/xdLXV78ItX

    — heyz (@onpurposevinyl) April 29, 2023


    one thing that always gets me when watching mockingjay pt 2 is the scene when gale says to peeta “katniss will choose who she cant live without” and katniss overhears but in the book we know she thinking “i can survive without either of them”. i wish it showed that thought more

    — audrey ◡̈ (@igniteverdeen) May 3, 2023


    the way she was ready to let the world crash and burn just to spite district 13 for not saving him.. she was so real https://t.co/vxeZ7zcwzL

    — val (@persabth) May 3, 2023


    Katniss and Lucy Gray are very, very different. The Hunger Games is about what happens when you place a hunter in a performance. The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes is about what happens when you place a performer in a hunt.

    — Leah Marilla Thomas (@leahmarilla) April 27, 2023


    y'all read katniss say she didn't want children in thg and cf and decided that she wasn't allowed to change her mind after everything she went through and decide to have a family with the man she loved, god forbid katniss doesn't have the same mentality at 30 that she did at 17 pic.twitter.com/2GNn2tWz1M

    — laly (@getawayeverlark) May 3, 2023


    peeta thinking this was katniss giving an oscar worthy performance is hilarious actually pic.twitter.com/3rrwpluBne

    — laly (@getawayeverlark) May 2, 2023


    u can tell who hasn’t read the hunger games books on how they spell “capitol”

    — book struggles (@book_struggles) May 3, 2023


    I’ll be seated for the new hunger games I’m sorry pic.twitter.com/RhuzvHqufp

    — HOOD VOGUE is tired of poverty (@keyon) April 27, 2023


    the best part of the hunger games prequel is the strong implication that caesar flickerman is a nepo baby

    — abby monteil (@abbyemonteil) April 27, 2023


    they were the zendaya and law of panem https://t.co/OZqK0VGw08

    — hannah ♿️ (@genzalternative) March 17, 2023


    Peeta in Hunger Games: pic.twitter.com/HyRrIqNdfP

    — Brooklyn (@bklynb4by) March 27, 2023


    i hate that i KNOW if i was capitol citizen i would've gagged so bad at the quarter quell. i live for an all stars season of anything.

    — zae (@itszaeok) March 27, 2023


    Peeta from hunger games if he were a bottom https://t.co/kEpmr0MkXT

    — Joe Organa (@JoeOrgana) February 16, 2023


    if you didn’t have a hunger games phase i don’t trust you

    — sam (@girlonprior) May 1, 2023


    Who was picking gale over Peeta?

    — jax (@jaxajueny) January 24, 2023


    katniss in the first half of thg: peeta is planning to kill me he's a mastermind manipulator who is waiting for my downfall

    the peeta in question: pic.twitter.com/GGGu3Rbe1n

    — laly (@getawayeverlark) May 4, 2023


    i like how katniss just automatically assumed finnick was making out with peeta's dead body before the possibility that he was doing cpr crossed her mind

    — clem ✰ (@mockingjvys) May 2, 2023


    i love how during the entire saga everybody makes a point to talk about how bad of an actress katniss is and how she can't fake for shit and yet peeta was oblivious of how much she loved him even when she looked at him like this pic.twitter.com/RwPRHvtkyd

    — laly (@getawayeverlark) May 2, 2023


    wonder if they’re gonna bopify lucy gray’s hanging tree like they did with katniss’

    — day (@balladofsongs) May 2, 2023


    Peeta: if it weren’t for the baby

    Katniss, the victors, and the whole nation of Panem: pic.twitter.com/nF5WncDAue

    — jer (@putomiah) April 30, 2023


    the hunger games

    i would never volunteer on national tv, nor have I had a man confess his crush on me 😢😥

    — rach (@peetasmeadow) April 29, 2023


    i just know their Ticketmaster crashed when the news broke that Katniss would be returning for the 75th Tribute Eras Hunger Games https://t.co/qp0TT4LFD1

    — Johnny Neff (@JohnnyNeff_) April 29, 2023


    imagine how fun live tweeting the hunger games would’ve been when katniss cut down that tree branch

    — tia (@cursedhive) April 29, 2023


    katniss put herself through hell and back just to keep prim safe and her ass STILL died

    — kie (@criminalplaza) April 6, 2023



    peeta: pic.twitter.com/wNt8Tkkgqg

    — Brooklyn (@bklynb4by) March 26, 2023


    finnick to katniss in catching fire: pic.twitter.com/kJqWKK0SMn

    — kie (@criminalplaza) March 24, 2023


    Remember in the Hunger Games when a dude who's really good at baking uses his baking skills to camouflage himself to look like a rock? pic.twitter.com/xa5wEoyAn4

    — uricksaladbar🥗 (@uricksaladbar) May 2, 2023


    did we all rewatch all the hunger games movies last week

    — ✭ 𝒞 𝒦 ✭ (@wolfiecindy) May 3, 2023


    if you have not seen the hunger games movies, you have to catch up with culture. history has its eyes on you im so serious

    — zae (@itszaeok) April 28, 2023

    What are you most looking forward to seeing in The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes? Let us know in the comments!