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    "High School Musical" Is 17 Years Old Today – Here Are 26 Tweets To Have A Nostalgic Laugh At

    "Ngl Troy’s dad is completely right in High School Musical. Imagine your son was 2 years away from being in the NBA and he wanted to start doing musicals instead."

    Cast your mind back to Friday the 20th of January, 2006. The day Disney debuted an original movie that changed the game forever.

    Yep, 17 years ago today, High School Musical hit our screens – here are some Tweets about the classic for us all to have a nostalgic laugh at.


    Me and the girlies coming into the front room to do a performance of We’re All In This Together from HSM for my mum, my nan and my dog

    Twitter: @harrisonjbrock


    I’m such a girlie I just heard a basketball bounce and my brain went “high school musical ???”

    Twitter: @MichaelaOkla


    I'm yet to witness a more extra scene than in High School Musical 3 when Troy got pushed over and then out of nowhere Gabriella shouts "TROOOOOOOY" and they break into song together 💀

    Twitter: @ChildhoodShows


    concept: a high school musical 10 year reunion movie. chad and ryan are married. that’s it that’s the entire concept

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    After working on it for years, last night I think I finally cracked the secret to the High School Musical canon: It’s a split timeline

    Twitter: @Miexriir


    I just saw a post that Troy in high school musical not being able to decide between basketball and theatre is actually a metaphor for bisexuality and when Troy’s dad says “you’re a basketball player not a singer” Troy says “what if I wanna be both”. Troy is actually a bi icon

    Twitter: @sadkxit


    Twitter: @a_briana


    Twitter: @OfficeMemes_


    high school musical 2 (2007) / midsommar (2019)

    Twitter: @bilrac


    i got dumped yesterday and he’s spent the whole morning talking about being together and what it has to look like for us and i still risked the entire relationship to do this for the hsm meme if i’m single forever this one’s on me

    Twitter: @gulickhannah


    Ngl Troy’s dad is completely right in High School Musical. Imagine your son was 2 years away from being in the NBA and he wanted to start doing musicals instead

    Twitter: @real_binkster


    chad and ryan on their way to have a dance battle in that baseball field in hsm 2

    Twitter: @funkyoongi


    Some of y’all never watched the HSM choreography special and it shows

    Twitter: @MacDoesIt


    deciding between music or basketball could’ve been such an easy decision in HSM if they were simply honest about zac efron’s height

    Twitter: @MichaelaOkla


    high school musical students in the middle of class on a monday morning

    Twitter: @eddyburback


    Gabriella from HSM really had the chance to be a basketball wife but no she turned that boy into Kurt Hummel.

    Twitter: @bigfatmoosepssy


    high school musical but it sounds realistic

    Twitter: @PopCulture2000s


    high school musical 2

    Twitter: @haydenallie13


    the saddest part of HSM is when troy gets caught w hard drugs and can’t play the big game w the rest of the wildcats 😔

    Twitter: @reggiewebber


    if u ever feel bad about urself just know that when i was 12 i watched high school musical & spent the next hour practicing taking my shirt off like zac efron when he crosses his arms & grabs the bottom and rips it off in one motion. hard to explain but i can show u if u want hmu

    Twitter: @squidslippers


    I always get so self-conscious that people can hear what music I'm listening to through my headphones... I don't want them to know that I'm listening to a high school musical song for the 7th time in a row lmao

    Twitter: @EmilyCanham


    My trust issues started when I found out Troy’s parts in High School Musical were actually sung by Drew Seeley and not Zac Efron.

    Twitter: @EmPewinski


    Is that the HSM pool

    Twitter: @houllty


    during hsm days i used to lie and say i fancied corbin bleu out of a sense of duty but i didn't not one bit

    Twitter: @BeeBabs


    do u think breaking bad and high school musical were in-universe happening concurrently bc they both take place in albuquerque. do u think troy bolton ate at los pollos hermanos growing up. what if gus fring was a member of the country club owned by sharpay & ryan’s dad

    Twitter: @meatgirI


    so.. wtf was the musical they was doing in high school musical even about?

    Twitter: @selahspades

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