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    If "Harry Potter" Gets A TV Reboot, We Need To See These 21 Storylines

    It would be the next Game Of Thrones.

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    We're both huge fans of the Harry Potter series, and while we love the movies, we couldn't help but feel like there were a few storylines from the books that were overlooked.

    So we thought, if Harry Potter ever got the HBO treatment, here are the storylines that should not be missed out...

    1. Harry's childhood with the Dursleys

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    Remember the goodbye in The Deathly Hallows where Dudley showed a little warmth to Harry? It makes me wonder about their brotherly relationship as kids! I know the family was pretty bad to him on the whole, but don't you wanna know more about the ups and downs of Harry's time at Privet Drive?

    2. Hagrid's history

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    There's no denying that Hagrid's an international man of mystery. He's had a lot happen to him from adopting an array of secret pets, to conducting illegal magic, not to mention being framed for murder. He was a huge part of all of the books, so getting to know him on a deeper level is longgggg overdue.

    3. Hermione's activism with S.P.E.W.

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    House-elves did not get their due justice in the movies! Sure Hermione, Ron, and Harry may have had more pressing issues going on in their third year (dementors, etc), but the house-elf community play a huge part in the wizarding world – they definitely deserve more screen time.

    4. Winky!

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    Adding S.P.E.W. into the storyline creates room for more house-elf content, and since this series looks like it's gonna get pretty dark, some comic relief in the form of Dobby’s liquor-loving girlfriend is something we need to see!

    5. The story of the Marauders

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    How did they become animagi? How did they make the map? Why were they friends with Wormtail? There are so many questions – the Marauder gang could probably have their own spinoff, tbh.

    6. The dark and tragic backstory of the Longbottoms

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    We know they were a big part of The Order of the Phoenix, but we need the receipts! What did they do, why were they tortured so horrendously, what was Neville's childhood like? Come on!

    7. Speaking of which, the series would need to explore the full reasons behind Voldemort picking Harry as The Chosen One, instead of Neville.

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    Can you imagine hearing Trelawney say the prophecy for the first time, and then watching Voldemort’s inner torment as he tries to work out which baby to kill?

    8. And we should learn more about the students at Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, especially Victor Krum.

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    We know he's the main character, but it should by no means be the Harry show all the time. We deserve to see more than just Fleur failing the challenge and Victor making Ron jealous. Krum was a World Cup quidditch player – that alone warrants a storyline!

    9. The Half-blood Prince

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    This was a HUGE part of the plot and it was downplayed in the movie, to say the least. Don't you want a season-long dual plot weaving between young Severus mixing shit up, while the golden trio try to figure out his true identity?

    10. Ginny Weasley and Dean Thomas ruling the school

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    Ginny was this super popular and magnetic person in the books. When she dates Dean, the two of them are a total power couple! It may not be as electrifying as some of the other storylines, but we wish that some of their coolness could be translated to the screen.

    11. The Order of the Phoenix: The Early Years

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    I think we can definitely do with a cheeky little deep-dive into how The Order of the Phoenix was formed, what each member was like as a young adult, and what they got up to as a group.

    12. And a flashback to The First Wizarding War

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    You've read about it, but don't you want to see it?

    13. Ariana Dumbledore's story

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    I know that Fantastic Beasts is already delving into the story of Grindelwald and Dumbledore, but I want at least three hourlong episodes about Ariana's tragic life. #justiceforariana

    14. Speaking of which, what about Dumbledore and Grindelwald?

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    This storyline is majorly played down in the films – both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. There's been many a whisper that the two of them were a couple, and in the TV series, there should be no holding back when it comes to their romance. We get strong folie à deux vibes from their early years in Godric's Hollow, and it's something we deserve to see played out.

    15. Aunt Petunia and her howlers

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    Petunia’s an unlikeable character, to put it like lightly, but no one can deny that she’s somewhat of a closed book. You may recall Petunia getting a howler from Dumbledore that said: “Remember my last.” What was his last?! We need to know!

    16. Percy's betrayal

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    Percy Weasley is actually a much more rich and nuanced character than the films give him credit for. Him picking his allegiance to the Ministry over his family was a super dramatic and confusing event that would definitely benefit from being fully explored across a few episodes.

    17. Draco's moral turmoil

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    Malfoy really is the tragic antihero of the Harry Potter films, and with parents like his, he didn’t really stand a chance, did he? We can’t be the only two people who want to see what he went through after he was given the task to kill Dumbledore.

    18. Remus and Tonks's tragic marriage

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    It's super sad that we don't really get much look-in to how Tonks and Remus's relationship progresses in the films, considering they are both such great characters. And Teddy – their son – is just some weird footnote in the last film! It's time to correct that.

    19. Voldemort's family history

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    Who remembers Merope Gaunt? The sixth book contains all of this spectacular character development and backstory about Merope, Tom Riddle Sr., and Voldemort, which is ripe for on-screen adaptation!

    20. Peter Pettigrew’s dark journey toward Voldemort

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    It could be awesome to explore how Peter went from James, Remus, and Sirius's fawning friend to Voldemort's grovelling manservant. Also, you know his path to evil wouldn't be complete without that terrible death at the hands of... his own hand.

    21. The final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort

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    "Try for some remorse, Tom Riddle." Where was that? This HBO style series would definitely include Harry offering Voldemort one final chance at redemption before the end, while everyone else watches them duel in a circle. Let's have the Battle of Hogwarts done right!

    What storyline would you want to see? Let us know in the comments!

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