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    If "Glee" Was Made In 2019, Here's Who Would Be Cast

    Justin Timberlake would play Mr Schue, obvs.

    Love it or hate it, no one can deny that Glee was a masterpiece of its time. Now, I know it didn't end all that long ago, but it first hit our screens a decade ago... I thought: If Glee was made in 2019, who would play the New Directions?

    Rachel Berry – Ariana Grande

    Finn Hudson – Nick Robinson

    Kurt Hummel – James Charles

    Mercedes Jones – Lizzo

    Artie Abrams – Ryan Haddad

    Santana Lopez – Cierra Ramirez

    Brittany S. Pierce – Ashley Benson

    Quinn Fabray – Kaitlyn Dever

    Noah "Puck" Puckerman – Avan Jogia

    Mike Chang – Manny Jacinto

    Tina Cohen-Chang – Hayley Kiyoko

    Sam Evans – Tom Holland

    Blaine – Ross Butler

    Jesse St. James – Harry Styles

    Shelby – Mariah Carey

    Miss Pilsbury – Bianca Lawson

    Mr. Schuester – Justin Timberlake

    Coach Sue Sylvester – Jane Lynch

    Who would you cast in a brand new Glee? Let us know in the comments!