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How Well Do You Really Know Your Geography? Test Your Skills With These 13 Quizzes

Let's see if you know enough to make it around the world 🌍

🌍 We're in the middle of a longg winter, and you're probably dreaming of your next exciting getaway. So, why not get some inspo for your next trip and put your geography knowledge to the ultimate test with these exciting quizzes?! 🌍

1. Only The Elite Few Will Be Able To Get 20/26 On This Geography Quiz

2. I Bet You Can't Make It Around The World In This Sudden Death Geography Quiz

3. This Geography Quiz Gives You A Country's Outline, You Just Have To Guess The Nation

4. This Geography Quiz Gives You Three Clues To Guess The Country

5. This Geography Quiz Will Take You All Over The World Using Just The Second Letter Of The Alphabet, So Game On

6. 66.5% Of People Can't Identify Which Hemisphere These Countries Are In – Can You?

7. I'll Be Super Impressed If You Can Identify The Country From Just Three Photos I've Collected

8. I’ll Be Gobsmacked If You Can Name Even 20 Of The World's 47 Island Nations

9. Can You Name Just One African Country For Each Letter Of The Alphabet?

10. I'll Be Impressed If You Can Name All 10 Countries That End In 'Land' Or 'Lands!

11. If You Give Up On This Really Hard A-Z Geography Flag Quiz, I’ll Understand

12. These Are The 13 Countries People Struggle To Identify On A Map – Can You Guess Even Half Right?

13. All The Answers To This Geography Quiz Begin With The Letter "A", But It's No Walk In The Park