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    Just 19 Tweets For Anyone Who Loves Reading

    "RIP Edgar Allan Poe. I know he would've loved That's So Raven."


    It’s the “roaring 20s” again so I’m going to take inspiration from the Great Gatsby and continue to not have read any books since high school


    teacher: you're currently failing english, are you reading for extra credit? me: i'm reading Animal Farm, the author is so good teacher: orwell? me: yeah [sweating] i meant the author is so well


    Before you turn 18 you have to choose exactly one of these books to read and then never stop talking about for the rest of your life: -Harry Potter -The Great Gatsby -Animal Farm -The Communist Manifesto -1984 -The Bible


    ME: I will now give my Moby Dick presentation as a rap TEACHER: I specifically told you not to d– ME: His palms are sweaty, Queequeg's harpoon heavy, there's something on his sweater already, spermaceti


    The Phantom of the Opera is a cautionary tale of what happens when you date a musician

    Twitter: @SparkNotes


    I [35M] married a woman [32F] from a slave-owning family for money. She had mental illness and cheated on me, so I removed her from home and loved ones and chained her in an attic. Now I want to marry an employee [18F] without telling her I’m married because she’ll say no. AITA?


    I can't fuck with fantasy books if they don't have a map at the front

    Twitter: @nyquills


    so you mean to tell me , Willy Wonka sent golden tickets AROUND THE WORLD, and 5 WHITE children got them all?!?!!


    editor: this better not be like last time kafka: it's a coming of age story editor: ok kafka: about a boy who's changed, but his family won’t accept him editor: i'm listening kafka: because he's changed into a bug editor: there we go kafka: like a real big fuckin bug


    I’d just like everyone to know that one of my pals thinks “what a sad little life Jane” is a quote from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and not from the greatest ever ending to come dine with me


    willy wonka beating murder charges after the factory

    Twitter: @melfeezy


    Whenever I have a bad writing day, I take a peek at Kafka's diary.

    Twitter: @LailaLalami


    It's actually bad luck to say MacBook inside an office. You have to call it 'The Scottish Laptop'

    Twitter: @nolliepops


    RIP edgar allen poe i know he woud've loved that's so raven

    Twitter: @mygfreal


    ME, SOBBING: Please, Emily, you can't give all your 100 characters the same 4 names EMILY BRONTE: *points* That's Earnshaw Linton. *points* That's Cathy Heathcliff. *points* Heathcliff Linton. *points* Cathy Cathy. *points* Earnshaw Cathy Jr. *pause* And they're all GHOSTS.


    Twitter: @earthmemea


    RIP William Shakespeare I know you would’ve loved Kendrick Lamar

    Twitter: @kirawontmiss


    PUBLISHER: So it’s got vampires? BRAM STOKER: Yes. PUBLISHER: Sex? BRAM STOKER: Yes. PUBLISHER: A lunatic asylum? BRAM STOKER: Yes. PUBLISHER: It needs something more. BRAM STOKER: [scratches head] A… a cowboy? PUBLISHER: Fucking sold.


    mercutio, dying: ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a GRAVE man romeo and benvolio:

    Twitter: @SparkNotes