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    17 Tweets From British Twitter That Made Me Laugh Out Loud This Week

    "Fleabag is just Miranda but for people who got a 2:1 in their degree."


    My boyfriend posted a picture and captioned "my wife" - Guyyyys I've been staring at this picture for 2 hours and the girl is not me😭😭


    🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ 🚌 πŸƒ πŸšŒπŸ’¨πŸƒ πŸ’¨ πŸƒ πŸƒ 🚢 πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈsuck your mum u dickhead I got uber anyway


    a train ticket to Leeds is Β£125 but the fine for not having a ticket is Β£80. call me money saving expert


    Which one of them is the candles hoe



    Fleabag is just Miranda but for people who got a 2:1 in their degree



    are we gonna get leavers hoodies from the eu?


    An Aussie just ID’d me for fags and handed over for my license for him to ask me what one my date of birth is? Let’s have a wee vote troops am I A) 21 B) 3 months old Or finally, C) -2732 days old


    No one: Leeds Train Station: here’s a brand new GOLD roof. We have decided to move ticket barriers 20 metres from where they used to be for no reason. HERE have a Lego statue of a man on a bike! We have installed a holographic maze outside the McDonald’s.


    Shoutout to the camera crew having to stand in the dark waiting for her to come in



    oh aye course i wanna smell like a courteeners gig


    took is 19 year to realise subtitles on the tele are for when ya eating crisps


    If we ever get rid of the British monarchy, Buckingham palace would make a SICK Spoons


    As a generation can we make a pact not to give any of our daughters the middle name Louise? I’m sick of it


    Me when I walk into Greggs and only see two cold sausage rolls and a burnt slice of pizza sitting out

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