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    21 Tweets From June That Prove That British Twitter Is Hilarious

    "This UK weather embarrassing me in front of Rihanna."


    My name is liam Gallagher I have 4 beautiful children I have dabbled in drugs over the years I’ve had many number 1s now send me the keys to no10 I’ll sort this pile of shit out WHY ME?WHY NOT.


    This is how rich Uni kids take photos at festivals


    I just told Robin about Mary Shelley apparently losing her virginity on her mum’s grave and I wondered why he was so surprised given how g o t h that is, until I realised he misheard me. He thought I said Mary Berry.


    Me when I walk into Aldi and see what the middle aisle has on offer


    So I give my phone to a Nando’s worker to charge in the back and this is what happens..🤣🤣


    But then you’d just end up back in the office Adele


    When the CPR dummies are having more fun than you


    Remember when iPhones first came out and apps were just like...fake finger scanners and fake beer drinking apps and stuff. God what a moment in history


    This Uk weather embarrassing me in front of Rihanna


    when the priest ain’t fuckin’ around:


    When you don't have enough XP to unlock Hancock


    I just had crossing the street mansplained to me?? guy was like “u gotta wait for the light” ahhh cheers babe I was about to just walk into oncoming traffic ur a national hero xoxo


    scar looks like shirley from east enders don’t @ me


    The longer you look at this the better it gets


    A challenging day for University catering


    If I wanted to hear five men speaking over each other about Brexit I'd go to a house party


    I keep thinking about this owl I saw yesterday and how I’ve never related so much to a bird


    A 12 year old girl stayed here last night. For breakfast I gave her a croissant. She mixed two teaspoons of nutella with two teaspoons of marmalade and spread it inside. 'Terry's croissant,' she murmured quietly to herself.


    Howling why do these Alexander mcqueens look like mines when I spilt pakora sauce on them 😩😩😩😩


    Guys. Let me tell you what my manager did today. A grown woman, on 6 figure salary. Poured a cup of tea on her work laptop and the keyboard stopped working. I told her to put it in rice. So she went to M&S Please look at this


    **screams at the sky** WHAT WEATHER AM I DRESSING FOR?!

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