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    17 British Tweets That Made Me Laugh Out Loud This Week

    "Would be nice if the clocks went back about 10 years so I could sort my life out."


    europe: so... like... when are you actually.... leaving... the EU? UK:


    saying you’re celebrating your 2 year anniversary: -dull -overused -nobody cares saying you’ve been together for 4 brexit extensions: -original -spicy -culturally poignant


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ ‘Biology’ GCSE biology by Girls Aloud (2005)


    me trying to have a conversation on the northern line: the northern line:


    When you can't find what you want in Sainsbury's or Tesco


    I’ll never forget when someone tweeted how she was on a date with a guy & told him she liked his Michael jackson tattoo & he said “that’s my mum” yo I cried 😂😂


    Canny get over how much of a freak my ex was man 😭😭😭 poor boy doesn’t know what pornhub is!!!


    it's.......Rebekah Vardy's account #halloween19


    Would be nice if the clocks went back about 10 years so I could sort my life out


    Why does your mum text like a pirate?


    Tracy beaker to Mike after coming back to the dumping ground to work as a careworker


    Nandos toilet


    My nan’s got the holy water out again #WALvRSA


    interviewer: so how did you discover your passion for baking? [the lights dim and a spotlight falls on Paul Hollywood. He is wearing heavy eyeliner] Paul: when I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a starchy flan


    Best "do not touch" museum sign ever? (found on an archaeology memes Facebook page)


    1) that's the worst hing AV saw 2) that's ment to be me 3) THATS NO MA DATE OF BIRTH 4) that's Ma da's leg


    Went into an off license earlier to get my first legal booze n the guy asked for id n he was like sorry mate we don’t normally serve people on their birthdays because we don’t know what time you were born at🤣 a was like wtf ?? A thought he was bammin n he just stood there🤣