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    19 Things That Every Girl With A Big Brother Knows

    You've fallen victim to the left-up-toilet-seat way too many times.

    1. When you were little you really looked up to your big brother...

    2. ...Which meant he could persuade you to do some pretty stupid things.

    My brother just dared me to eat a live grasshopper for five bucks. I did it. Word. 5dollars richer and a belly full of protien.

    A perfect example of an older brother's misuse of power.

    3. You developed a really thick skin from the daily insults you received.

    4. Because of him, you're probably a big fan of toilet humour.

    5. If the opportunity came up, you definitely let them take the blame.

    6. And sometimes you had no choice but to be a snitch.

    7. Because he was older, he always had better toys than you.

    8. But the hand-me-downs were the ~worst~.

    9. And although you didn't have to worry about him stealing your clothes, he'd definitely steal all your food.

    10. Having a big brother gave you a preview into the realities of men.

    11. It was sometimes really fun when they were left in charge...

    12. ...Until the power went to his head.

    13. You loved play fighting...

    14. ...Until ~someone~ took it too far.

    #GrowingUpWithSiblings Older siblings trying to stop you from crying before they get in trouble. And you're definitely gonna hear the inevitable "here you hit me back"

    We all know who that someone was.

    15. But he taught you how to stand up for yourself.

    You had year 6 comebacks when you were in year 3 — no one would mess with you.

    16. You secretly feel proud whenever he laughs at your jokes.

    17. And you have loads of running jokes that have been dragged out for decades.

    Told my brothers once about how someone mistook my name for "Ken" and I haven't been called Keri since. My birthday cards from all 3 of them always has 'To Kenny' in all of them. #GrowingUpWithBrothers #NationalSiblingsDay

    It stopped being funny in 2006, but the it'll never end.

    18. People always told you how lucky you were to have an older brother who could protect and care for you.

    19. But despite everything, you know that they've always got your back.