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    18 Employees Who Did A Really, Really Bad Job

    These people need to clock out, ASAP.

    1. This shop worker who clearly doesn't know what medication children take:

    BigWaveSmallOcean / Via

    2. This engraver, who took their instructions very, very literally:

    Supersalty009 / Via

    3. This book publisher who decided to just guess the Canadian exchange rate:

    YouBih / Via

    4. This person who really cut corners at the expense of safety:

    the_dyl_pickle / Via

    5. This fire alarm fitter who technically wasn't wrong, but still missed the point:

    ChadWilliam1 / Via

    6. This person, who I'm guessing can't speak Spanish:

    Tankh / Via

    7. This writer who didn't bother to proofread their headline:

    Reilers / Via

    8. This Target worker who forgot how clothes are worn:

    EkkoWan / Via

    9. This delivery person who managed to completely miss very clear instructions:

    thx_CaptainObvious / Via

    10. This sign fitter who completely changed the message of this slogan:

    Adan714 / Via

    11. Jeff, who threw caution to the wind when making this grocery store's meat order:

    Bleach88 / Via

    12. This plumber who didn't have the right pipes, but used their initiative instead:

    ChadWilliam1 / Via

    13. This printer who obviously just copied and pasted their client's request:

    jetery / Via

    14. The traffic light worker who fitted this, and thought "yeah, this looks right."

    Readball / Via

    15. This builder, who forgot how cupboards work:

    coffecup1978 / Via

    16. The mail delivery person who completely ruined this diploma:

    DaKapptain / Via

    17. This painter who didn't let a bit of ice slow them down:

    mduenskie / Via

    18. And finally, this printer who has obviously never seen a rhino, dragon, or a triceratops before:

    icantgetthenameiwan / Via

    H/T: r/NotMyJob