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    Updated on Feb 28, 2020. Posted on Feb 25, 2020

    24 Moments In Comedies That Made Us Tear Up

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which scenes from their favourite comedies made them surprisingly emotional. Here's what they said.

    1. When Jim told Pam he loved her and she rejected him in The Office.


    "There's a couple of moments – when Jim cries after he tells Pam he's in love with her, and that look he gives the camera at the end of their wedding episode."


    2. When Rosa's parents didn't accept her after she came out in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    "Watching such a typically strong and badass character be so emotionally vulnerable was powerful stuff!"


    3. When Will was let down by his dad once again in The Fresh Prince.


    "It is just devastating and gets me every time."


    4. When Chandler proposed to Monica in Friends.


    "The whole thing with Monica thinking Chandler left and the surprise at the end. the candles. the whole thing."


    5. When Schmidt proposes to CeCe and it flashed back to the first time they met in New Girl.


    "They flash back to show him putting a dollar in the douchebag jar: 'Girl, imma marry you one day 😭."


    "And when they use the douchebag jar as the glass to smash at their wedding."


    6. When Schneider battled his alcoholism in One day at a Time.


    "He sits and stares at the bottle of booze his dad had given him after Penelope leaves the apartment. You can see the war within him on if he should fall off the wagon or not. Then when you find out in the following episodes that he’s drinking again and when everyone finds out they rally round him and support him."


    7. When Leslie won the city council seat in Parks and Recreation.


    "Leslie finds out Ben didn’t write a concession speech, only the winning one. He believed in her THAT MUCH that he absolutely knew she wouldn’t need the concession speech. Gets me every time!"


    8. When Doctor Cox went to Ben's funeral in Scrubs.


    "Doctor Cox arrives at what he thinks is his son's birthday and turns out it's his best friend Ben's funeral."


    9. When Bart failed his exam (after really trying) in The Simpsons.


    "Bart actually studied, and still fails, and gets really upset. Mrs. Krabapple marks him up to a D, and he's so happy. Always gets me!"


    10. When Sheldon gave his Nobel acceptance speech in The Big Bang Theory.


    "He finally recognises that he wouldn’t be where he was without his friends."


    11. When Fry's dog waited for him forever in Futurama.


    "Jurassic Bark, otherwise known as 'Ugly Crying: The Cartoon.'"


    "I mean fuck, I’m welling up just thinking about it."


    12. When Robin was told she couldn't bear children in How I Met Your Mother.


    "It just killed me. My husband and I were going through something similar at the time, and we both just laid there sobbing."


    13. When Terry was racially profiled in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    "That one is a real smack in the face. Takes me by surprise every time."


    14. When Phoebe said goodbye to the triplets in Friends.


    "I was expecting it to be emotional but it really got me. She acted the role brilliantly."


    15. When Chidi's memory was wiped in The Good Place.


    "There's so much to it: Eleanor's grief, Chidi's complete faith in her, Michael's genuine distress and Janet providing comfort."

    "The words 'Jeremy Bearimy baby' can reduce me to tears, especially now knowing they didn't get to have that together."


    16. When Ron told Leslie he was upset with her because she let him down in Parks and Recreation.


    "Seeing him stood up by Leslie and then upset to see his friends disappear around him, without anyone realising why he was upset, just devastates me everytime."


    17. When Rebecca was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

    The CW

    "It’s like we have known for a while this is more than quirky. And we know she has always struggled with mental health. But getting a diagnosis is bittersweet: you have some answers but it puts a concrete word to how sick you are. The pain but also the hope in getting diagnosed just made me cry."


    18. When Marshall's dad died in How I Met Your Mother.


    "That was so unexpected and honestly made me tear up a bit."


    19. When no one went to Sheldon's Nobel Prize party in Young Sheldon.


    "Sheldon invites the whole school to watch the Nobel Prize presentation and no one comes. It’s heartbreaking to watch him cry and then see all his future friends as kids, alone too."


    20. When Selina betrayed Gary at the end of Veep.


    "It really caught me off guard that Selina pinned everything on Gary and let the FBI arrest him. I fully didn’t see it coming and he was SO loyal to her! It broke my heart a bit."


    21. When Mac used dance to come out to his dad in Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


    "In it you can see the struggle he has had between being gay and religious."


    22. When Mindy found out she was ~the other woman~ in The Mindy Project.


    "Mindy is hosting a Christmas party for all her friends and co-workers, but finds out her boyfriend has another girlfriend and she's the other woman. What makes it truly heartbreaking is she tries to carry on as if nothing has happened because she's hosting the party."


    23. When Carlton learned about racial profiling in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.


    "It was one of those scenes that went from funny to way too real very quickly."


    24. And the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth.


    "They tried so hard to get out of going over the top and ultimately can't escape it and then that cut to the poppy field..."


    "One of the best TV moments of all time. You keep thinking they’ll get out of it, they’ll get out of it, they always do – and then you’re hit with reality."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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