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19 Scenes That Added Nothing To The Movie And Should've Been Cut

WHY does the car fly at the end of Grease?!?!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about movie moments they'd rather weren't in their favourite films. Here's what they said!

1. The drunk driving scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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"She has him blow into a breathalyzer and then drives, all the while hitting cars and running red lights. It wasn't funny at all in what was a great movie. Seems really randomly put in and actually made me feel quite uncomfortable."


2. When the teacher hooked up with a student in Booksmart.

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"The film would've been perfect from start to finish if they hadn't included this creepy and inappropriate subplot. It added absolutely nothing to the storyline and was just weird."


3. When Padme and Anakin declared their love for each other in Star Wars Episode II.

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"They were both like like 'no I love you more', 'no, I love YOU more' and the lighting is so awful it makes poor Natalie Portman look like she's sweating off her wig.


4. The anal sex joke at the end of Kingsman.

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"Ugh, it makes me cringe every time and adds nothing to the film. It's just silly."


"This out of place ending really ruined it for me. The whole movie was so good until that happened."


5. When Ginny fed Harry a mince pie in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

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"Those two have so many cringe moments but 'open up you' honestly made me a bit sick in my mouth."


6. The dancing scene in IT.

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7. The random sex scene in Black Swan.

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"The movie was a great story about a ballet dancer coping with stress and mental health issues but then had a random lesbian sex scene in the middle. It was just so out of place and seemed to be there solely to keep men interested in the movie."


8. The notorious sign scene in Love Actually.

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"The guy kissed the wife of his best friend! For such a sweet romantic movie the fact that she thought that was cute and they did that was gross and out of place, totally sending the wrong message."


9. And the American girls fawning over Colin at the end of film.

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"That whole scene was so forced and overdramatic. Really?! As a movie, it felt so realistic before and after, but I always skip that scene."


10. The close up of Charlie's head in Hereditary.


"Sure, the moment had impact, but I think it would have been better saved for the end of the movie."


11. When everyone got diarrhoea in Bridesmaids.

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"It just grosses me out and doesn’t add anything to the story."


12. The whole casino scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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"It was a complete waste of like twenty minutes that could have been better used for Rey, Luke, or Kylo. And it didn’t even lead anywhere so it could have been cut out!"


13. When Diana walked in on a scantily clad Steve in Wonder Woman.

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"It was a really cheap way to get Chris Pine nude and they could've found a better way for her to notice his watch."


14. The puking scene in Pitch Perfect.

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"Ughhhhh! It cringes me out EVERY time!"


"It has got to be the worst scene. I love Pitch Perfect endlesssly but every time I see that scene I wonder "Why?" It's just plain gross."


15. Lady Gaga's nude scene in A Star Is Born.

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"It’s such a good example of how the male gaze can ruin a great film. It feels very arbitrary and makes her appear really vulnerable during a moment which should exert her strength. To make matters worse, at his most vulnerable Bradley Cooper is fully clothed in a shower! Why does Jack deserve clothes when Ally doesn’t?!"


16. When Jordan mistook her neighbour's daughter for a boy and then made a trans "joke" in Little.

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"Idk what the fuck that was but it ruined it for me. Would have been a cute movie otherwise."


17. When Cher was shoehorned into the end Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

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"Honestly, it was awful. You could tell they only had her in the movie so they could include the song "Fernando". It just felt very forced to me, especially because they allude to her being dead in the first movie."


18. When the babysitter gave the kid she babysat her nude as a middle school graduation gift in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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"it's one of my all-time favourite movies, but that scene almost ruins it for me. I know that the babysitter was also underage, but I'm not sure how that one made it into the final cut."


19. And finally, the flying car at the end of Grease.

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"What was the point?!"


Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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