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    24 Facts About Animals That Are Just Too Cute Not To Share

    Trust me, you won't regret reading this.

    1. Seahorses get "married" and perform daily bonding rituals with their other half.

    2. Sea otters juggle rocks, and they have favourite ones which they store in a special pouch.

    3. And they hold hands when they sleep to stop drifting away, with the mums carrying babies on their bellies.

    4. Prairie dogs greet each other just like how we'd greet our loved ones – with a kiss!

    5. Pregnant dolphins sing to their unborn babies.

    6. Fish can identify human faces and some can even learn to recognise their owners.

    7. Cows have best friends.

    8. Despite being very territorial, squirrels have been found to adopt orphaned squirrel pups and nurse them as their own.

    9. Parrot parents give their kids unique names and they call each other by them for life.

    10. Dogs sneeze when they're playing to signal that they're having a good time.

    11. And if a dog puts their paw on you while you're stroking them, it means they're 'petting you.'

    12. In some movies, the tails of dogs have to be altered with CGI because they were having such a great time on set they couldn't help but wag them.

    13. Octopuses live in small dens that they decorate with rocks, stones, and any other shiny treasures they can get their tentacles on.

    14. Cat don't meow to other adult cats, so if one meows at you, they're making an effort to communicate with you.

    15. When a cat makes eye contact then slowly blinks, they're giving you the feline equivalent of a kiss.

    16. And tigers can't purr, so when they're happy, they purposefully close their eyes to show that they're content with their surroundings.

    17. Despite their size, cheetahs can't roar – so they purr and chirp instead.

    18. Guinea pigs are so social that in Switzerland, it's illegal to keep less than two together – they even have matchmaking services for the pets!

    19. And when they're really excited, guinea pigs jump around involuntarily. It's called "popcorning" and it's very cute.

    20. When a baby elephant is born, the rest of the females in the herd trumpet together to spread the news of the arrival.

    21. Baby elephants suck their trunks in a similar way that human babies suck their thumbs.

    22. Wolves take turns to "babysit" younger members of their pack, and take them to rendezvous sites to play and explore.

    23. Rats can learn to play hide-and-seek and they squeak with joy when they win.

    24. Ravens and crows remember faces, so you could technically make friends with one.

    Don't forget to share your cutest animal fact in the comments below!