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    20 TV Shows And Movies Where The Adults Did Not Act Their Age

    These guys were not setting the best example for the kids.

    1. Matilda

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    Okay, so it goes without saying that Matilda's parents were crap, and Miss Trunchball was evil, but every other adult in the film was totally useless. The Trunch kept the ENTIRE school in detention till after dark and not one parent questioned it, Miss Honey just watched while kids were being thrown in the chokey, and even the FBI struggled to get evidence on Matilda's dad. Shambles.

    2. Glee


    Mckinley High had real issues like teen pregnancy and bullying, meanwhile, Mr. Schue was dueting with kids and Sue was hosting a news show.

    3. The Grinch

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    Whovian adults had their incompetence on point. Baby Grinch started life being left out in the snow while his mums had a key party (Google it), and his teacher wasn't much better. If my teachers laughed along with the class when I’d cut myself shaving, I’d probably wanna steal Christmas too.

    4. Kick-Ass

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    Frank dedicated his life to being a crime lord, but he managed to make the rookie mistake of having a random party entertainer that he mixed up with Kick-Ass, killed. Plus he met his downfall at the hands of two teenagers.

    5. Gossip Girl

    The CW

    Name one adult who behaved rationally in Gossip Girl, I'll wait. Even Rufus, who seemed like the most responsible adult got lost in the Upper East Side sauce when he started dating his son's girlfriend's mum.

    6. IT

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    Okay, so there's a lot going on in IT, but my main point of concern is that Derry had been plagued with mysterious child disappearances for centuries, yet none of the town's adults seemed at all bothered to look into it.

    7. Stranger Things


    Most of them are alright, but Karen Wheeler was in a league of her own. Her son had El stowed in the basement and her daughter was out searching for the Demogorgan all while she was blissfully unaware.

    8. The Parent Trap

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    It's been said before but I'll say it again: when you think think the only logical thing to do after a divorce is split up your twins and never mention them again, something's gone very wrong. I'm also calling out Chessy, Martin, and every other adult who went along with this terrible idea.

    9. Sleeping Beauty

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    Another parenting pair with poor logic – did they really think banishing Aurora to a childhood with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather would save her from the curse of a magical fairy?!

    10. Riverdale

    The CW

    From dating their students to joining cults, the Riverdale grown-ups are always getting into some kind of chaos that the kids have to clean up. And don't forget the fact that most of them are casual murderers, too.

    11. Stuart Little

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    Mr. and Mrs. Little went to the orphanage to adopt a child and came back with a mouse. That's the whole premise, so I'll forgive them for that. What I'll never understand is why it didn't cross their mind that their pet cat might clash with their new mouse son, or why they just gave Stuart away to the first mice who claimed to be his parents.

    12. A Series of Unfortunate Events


    Every single adult that the Baudelaire children have the bad luck of meeting is completely and utterly useless, I'm surprised any of them made it out alive.

    13. Home Alone 2

    20th Century Fox

    Yes, we all know the entire Mcallister family are les incompétents, but isn't it weird that none of the millions of people in NYC seem to bat an eyelid at a 10-year-old alone in the big bad city. After the pigeon lady, Donald Trump is the most helpful adult in the film, which says a lot.

    14. Spy Kids

    Dimension Films

    Why was it on a nervous wreck and a bedwetter to save the third brain?! Yes, I know that there was corruption in the OSS, but I refuse to believe that Felix was the ONLY adult that could've given Carmen and Juni a hand.

    15. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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    Put aside the fact that Ferris' parents clearly aren't very dedicated, and turn your attention to Rooney. Wouldn't you think a school principal would have better things to do than chasing around trying (and failing) to catch his truanting students?

    16. American Horror Story: Murder House


    Buying a murder house in the first place is questionable. But not moving out after almost being murdered in your obviously haunted house? Ridiculous.

    17. Harry Potter

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    IDK about you, but I'd have thought the greatest wizard of all time would be able to tell if one of his teachers had Voldemort on the back of his head, kids were being possessed, or death eaters were infiltrating the school. That's just me though...

    18. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

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    The title says it all, really.

    19. Peter Pan

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    Hook spends far more time chasing after Peter than he does pirating. I can't decide what's worse – that he's so obsessed with a little kid, or the fact that he can't even outsmart him.

    20. The Rugrats Movie


    Everyone under the age of three was kidnapped by circus monkeys, which tells you everything you need to know. Angelica was the most responsible one there.

    What other TV shows or movies had really useless adults? Tell us in the comments!

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