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    18 Times Co–Star Dragged The Hell Out Of Its Users

    "Another day another Co–Star notification dragging my entire existence."

    If you're into astrology you probably already know all about Co–Star. For those of you who don't – it's an app that provides personalised birth chart readings. 💫

    1. Co–Star sends its users daily updates, but they're nothing like your typical generic horoscopes. They're pretty blunt:



    4. They tell it as it is:

    anyone else feeling personally attacked by costar on this fine sunday afternoon


    even costar is telling me i need to get laid this is too much


    Why costar always tryna attack me

    7. Sometimes the horoscopes get very personal:


    Can costar let me reread Hero’s of Olympus in peace?


    Wow Costar really had to get personal this morning

    10. And sometimes things get ~deep~:


    Well DAMN costar just drag me thru the mud why don’t ya

    12. They offer advice for almost every situation:


    did costar just drag me for wearing black tshirts every single day

    14. Advice you didn't know you needed:

    15. Co–Star really makes you think:

    not to be super basic and post a costar update, but, like, ouch


    17. "Your day at a glance" makes you ask yourself all the big questions:

    Costar keeping me humble on my birthday

    18. Basically, Co–Star has absolutely zero chill: