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    17 Characters That Are Essential To Christmas Movies

    The kid whose one Christmas wish is that their divorced parents get back together, for a start.

    1. The downtrodden kid who finally believes in Christmas Magic™ after being disappointed year after year.

    2. The single dad who can't seem to catch a break.

    3. The kinda sad woman who magically finds her true love.

    4. And don't forget the single mum who finally finds the love she deserves.

    5. The kid whose one Christmas wish is that their divorced parents get back together.

    6. The workaholic dad who leaves getting into the festive spirit to the very last minute.

    7. The high-flying businesswoman who suddenly realises that her life is actually empty because she prioritised her career over love.

    8. The small-town guy who woos said high-flying businesswoman.

    9. The dutiful mum who's rushed off her feet making sure her kids have the perfect Christmas, despite having a shit one herself.

    10. The eccentric old guy that turns out to be Santa.

    11. The mum's boyfriend who tries to play the role of doting step-father, but is lame AF.

    12. The kid who's an absolute terror for most of the movie, but redeems themselves in the last five minutes.

    13. The scrooge who learns the ~true meaning~ of Christmas.

    14. The woman who manages to get her shit together in exactly five days despite her life being a complete mess at the start of the the film.

    15. The really annoying know-it-all kid whose sole purpose is to make the other characters more likable.

    16. The person who seems to hate everything about the festive season, but for some reason works in a Christmassy job.

    17. The creepy old guy who saves the day, and teaches us not to judge a book by their cover.

    Who are your favourite Christmas characters? Let me know in the comments!