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    17 Adverts That British People Will Never Ever Forget

    The Cadbury's gorilla is a national treasure, don't @ me.

    1. "Full moon, half moon, total eclipse" will go down as one of the most quotable lines in advert history.

    Jaffa Cakes / McVitie and Price / Via

    2. I know for a fact you can hear this guy:

    Safeystyle UK / Via

    3. But I bet you wish you could block out this shouty man...

    Reckitt Benckiser / Via

    4. You probably spent hours trying to recreate this ad with your friends.

    Nils-Petter Lovgren / Cadbury plc / Via

    5. And every Brit knows way too much about the personal lives of Aleksandr and Sergei.

    VCCP / Passion Pictures / Compare The Market / Via

    6. No one can deny that this was an absolute banger.

    Wall's / Still Price Lintas / Via


    7. But this song got stuck in our heads for all the wrong reasons.

    Go Compare / Fold7 / Via

    8. You'd be lying if you said this ad didn't give you goosebumps.

    Cadbury PLC / Fallon London / Via

    9. But I bet you've been trying to block out Dave since 2015.

    MoneySupermarket / Mother / Via

    10. Thanks to these guys, you'll never forget when the Battle of Hastings happened.

    Hastings Direct / Antidote / Via

    11. You've probably seen the millions of memes inspired by this advert.

    Specsavers Optical Group / Manning Gottlieb OMD / Via

    12. If you don't automatically sing this when you see it, are you even British?

    Autoglass / Safelite Group, Inc. / Via

    13. I'll never forgive this kid for rhyming "great" with "pirate."

    Kellog's / Via

    14. The makers of this ad obviously heard that sex sells, and went to town with it.

    Procter & Gamble / Via

    15. And I think you'll agree that we should all aspire to be as smug as this bum slapper.

    Asda / Walmart / Via

    16. You probably weren't old enough to drive, but you knew these women were superstars.

    Clockwise / Sheila's Wheels / Via

    17. And finally, this national treasure will always be in our hearts.

    WCRS / Churchill / Via

    What adverts could you never get out of your head? Tell us in the comments!

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