17 Adverts That British People Will Never Ever Forget

    The Cadbury's gorilla is a national treasure, don't @ me.

    1. "Full moon, half moon, total eclipse" will go down as one of the most quotable lines in advert history.

    2. I know for a fact you can hear this guy:

    3. But I bet you wish you could block out this shouty man...

    4. You probably spent hours trying to recreate this ad with your friends.

    5. And every Brit knows way too much about the personal lives of Aleksandr and Sergei.

    6. No one can deny that this was an absolute banger.

    7. But this song got stuck in our heads for all the wrong reasons.

    8. You'd be lying if you said this ad didn't give you goosebumps.

    9. But I bet you've been trying to block out Dave since 2015.

    10. Thanks to these guys, you'll never forget when the Battle of Hastings happened.

    11. You've probably seen the millions of memes inspired by this advert.

    12. If you don't automatically sing this when you see it, are you even British?

    13. I'll never forgive this kid for rhyming "great" with "pirate."

    14. The makers of this ad obviously heard that sex sells, and went to town with it.

    15. And I think you'll agree that we should all aspire to be as smug as this bum slapper.

    16. You probably weren't old enough to drive, but you knew these women were superstars.

    17. And finally, this national treasure will always be in our hearts.

    What adverts could you never get out of your head? Tell us in the comments!