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    Anakin, Thanos, And 18 Other Fictional Characters Parents Couldn't Resist Naming Their Babies After

    Shoutout to all the baby Lokis out there.

    1. Anakin

    2. Khaleesi

    3. Arya

    4. Damien

    5. Katniss

    6. Rue

    7. Lolita

    8. Kylo

    9. Lando

    10. Draco

    11. Hermione

    12. Valkyrie

    13. Loki

    14. Thanos

    15. Ariel

    16. Cullen

    17. Renesmee

    18. Coraline

    19. Dawson

    20. And finally, Chandler

    Were you named after a fictional character? Who would you name your kids after? Tell us in the comments!

    Psst. The stats from these names are from The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Social Security Data Page.