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    Cardi B Opens Up About Being A Mom, And She Really Needs Some Sleep

    "No matter how many books you read, or how much advice you get, you'll never be ready for mommy mode."

    It's been a week since Cardi B announced the arrival of her first born girl, Kulture Kiari Cephus.

    Cardi and husband Offset seem to be settling into parenthood, and have only shared one new photo of themselves since welcoming their little girl.

    Although Cardi's been keeping a low profile, she’s found a creative way to speak about motherhood to her fans without showing her face – by using one of Kulture’s dolls as a puppet.

    Cardi shared a simple, but clear message in the form of a selfie on her Instagram story yesterday.

    And in the early hours of this morning she shared a video on her Instagram story where, from the sounds of it, Kulture's pretty wide awake.

    Cardi revealed she doesn’t have a nanny just yet, as she wants to spend quality time with baby K before returning to work. And by the looks of it, she’s definitely getting the true experience of motherhood.

    When parents say “if you wake the baby up YOU PUTTING HER BACK TO SLEEP😤!” I feel that .

    But even though she's tired, Cardi's loving being a mom, and we can already see that she's a great one.

    I still can’t believe it ,all mines ❤️🎀🌸 KultureK👼🏽

    We can't wait to see little Kulture!