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    Here Are All The Guest Stars In "Ten Percent," The Main Characters, And The Ones From "Call My Agent" That They're Based On

    From Emma Corrin to Dominic West – it's a pretty star-studded line up!

    10 Percent – the British adaptation of French comedy Call My Agent, which follows the hectic ups and downs of a talent agency – was released last week!

    Ten Percent puts its own unique spin on the story, but it’s just as hilariously chaotic as the original.

    So, let’s take a look at the French characters we know and love, their British counterparts, and all the stars who show up across the series:

    Andréa – Rebecca

    Mathias – Jonathan

    Gabriel – Dan

    Arlette – Stella

    Hervé – Ollie

    Noémie – Julia

    Sofia – Zoe

    Camille – Misha

    Hippolyte – Luke

    Samuel – Richard

    And of course, every episode features familiar faces – here are all the stars who show up as hilarious versions of themselves:

    Helena Bonham Carter

    Kelly Macdonald

    Olivia Williams

    Himesh Patel

    Dominic West

    Emma Corrin

    David Harewood

    Phoebe Dynevor

    Jessica and David Oyelowo

    Clémence Poésy

    Don't forget to let us know what you think of Ten Percent in the comments!