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    19 Things You Probably Forgot About From Your Primary School Days

    Biff, Chip, and Kipper were the original squad goals.

    Primary school was a weird and wonderful time, but thanks to r/nostalgia, we can take a trip down memory lane and remember all those long-forgotten things that were once a part of our everyday lives...

    1. Like drawing a shit self-portrait on a tea towel that your mum probably treasures to this day.

    2. Building the ultimate poking device out of these bad boys.

    3. This pointy "S" that everyone was obsessed with drawing for some reason.

    4. Being absolutely mesmerised by the magic pencil, which was more relaxing than it was educational...

    5. And the immense feeling of pride and superiority when you graduated onto the handwriting pen.

    6. This clock, which taught you everything you needed to know about telling the time.

    7. The glorious sight of the Scholastic book fair in your school hall.

    8. And being totally hooked on what adventures Biff, Chip, and Kipper were getting up to with the magic key.

    9. The wonders of the WordArt gallery, which was the best form of procrastination.

    10. Learning how to become King of the road from these two lads.

    11. This iconic parachute that basically turned gym class into a circus.

    12. The endless collection of cereal box learning coupons.

    13. These Eyewitness books, which were the font of all knowledge and wisdom...

    14. ...until your school upgraded to a state of the art technology suite, that is.

    15. Which is where you would use these exact headphones.

    16. Using this bad boy as a tool to facilitate gossip sessions by the bin.

    17. Singing "Harvest Time," 'Kumbaya," and various other bangers from this exact book.

    18. And fighting to get the chance to use this superior instrument in music class.

    19. And finally, being banned from playing Bulldog after that one kid ended up in A&E.

    H/T r/nostalgia